Case Study: Haneke Design Picks CrystalBlue Voice

Haneke Design is a Tampa-based, multidisciplinary design firm focused on delivering graphic and interactive solutions that produce positive business results. Its “business-first” approach to design allows Haneke Design to deliver visually compelling work that can positively affect clients’ bottom lines. The company’s experience and processes are based on a long history of successfully implementing and managing projects for Fortune 500 companies.


Haneke Design conducts most of its business over the phone, and high-quality telephony service is required to communicate its brand value to customers and prospects. When the company decided to move to a larger location to support its growing business, management started to evaluate different VoIP solutions. Haneke needed a telephony service that could be quickly installed, with reliable service for a good value.


The firm originally planned to purchase a PBX and manage its phone services in-house, but after speaking with Whaleback Systems and its channel partner Kablelink, Haneke Design selected CrystalBlue Voice — an innovative, managed voice service designed for the needs of SMBs.

Whaleback provisioned a voice-only cable access connection from Bright House Networks, and Kablelink installed a Whaleback PBX and Polycom VoIP phones at Haneke Design’s new location. “The implementation went very well, and Kablelink made the service activation as seamless as possible,” said Haneke Design founder Jody Haneke. “Whaleback ported our phone numbers and setup a toll-free number for us, and Kablelink showed our employees how to easily use the advanced features of CrystalBlue Voice.”

“There is no doubt that moving an office location is going to be stressful. Fortunately for us, Whaleback Systems was able to significantly ease the pain of implementing a new phone system during this critical transition,” said Haneke. “Their staff, at all levels, anticipated issues and dealt with them well before they could ever become problems. I can’t say enough about our experience with Whaleback and would recommend them wholeheartedly for anyone who relies on voice presence and continuity.”

Results & Benefits:

CrystalBlue Voice is a unique managed service for SMBs that offers:

  • The simplicity of a network-based hosted service with the reliability and advanced features of an on-premises PBX.
  • Dedicated broadband access centrally managed around-the-clock to deliver reliable, full-featured voice services.
  • Robust calling features and productivity tools previously only available to the largest enterprises.
  • A cost-effective fixed pricing plan that allows SMBs to benefit from predictable, flat-rate pricing.

Each employee can customize an auto-attendant to direct callers, and calls can be easily transferred within the company. Call forwarding and conference calling are used regularly, and the company is now able to seamlessly support remote workers.

“One of our valued employees moved to Colorado and we needed a way to keep this person connected through voice in a seamless way. Whaleback shipped her a Polycom phone and now she gets access to the same powerful calling features of the Whaleback PBX that we receive in the home office, and we can easily transfer calls to her and include her on conference calls,” said Haneke.

Whaleback’s exclusive Road Warrior remote worker feature connects customers with employees regardless of their location and gives mobile employees full access to the company’s SMB 1500 IP PBX, which streamlines communications and improves productivity.

The company was able to streamline operations and eliminate the need for standalone fax machines by selecting Whaleback’s OrcaFax service for sending and receiving faxes. OrcaFax is a secure, high-performance desktop fax service that allows organizations to simplify and streamline the transmission and receipt of faxes. This optional service is available to customers of the CrystalBlue Voice Service at an extremely low cost per user. Orca Fax converts inbound faxes to PDFs and delivers them to the user’s email account. The electronic fax includes a report with relevant information such as the inbound fax number, page count, date, time and transmission status. “In our new location, we no longer need a fax machine — everybody in effect has their own fax on their desktop,” said Haneke.

Haneke Design employees can rely on a single e-mail inbox for receiving voice mail, faxes and e-mail. Once faxes are confidentially and securely delivered to the user’s desktop, they can be sent to a printer, emailed to other employees or archived for future use.

The firm is now able to avoid the lost productivity of “walk-up” faxing and more effectively and securely share faxes within the organization and with customers, partners and suppliers. They can avoid the cost and hassles of deploying and managing standalone fax machines and more effectively utilize faxing while increasing employee productivity.

“A single inbox for voice, fax and e-mail simplifies operations and allows us to more easily and more effectively service our customers,” said Haneke. “From my iPhone, I can review e-mail messages, read faxes and play my voice mail. Unified messaging allows us to more efficiently keep in touch with our clients and serve their design and marketing needs.”

“Whaleback and Kablelink exceed expectations when it comes to service and support, and the call quality and reliability of this managed service are far superior to other solutions we had reviewed,” said Haneke. “CrystalBlue Voice is a highly reliable solution for small businesses that need efficient and effective voice communications. We rely on our phones for talking to our customers every day, and Whaleback manages our services, updates our technology and ensures that we receive the reliability we need to service our clients.”

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