Case Study: CTS Manages Contact Center Relocation

Transcare Corp. provides a full range of medical transportation services. Led by an experienced executive team with more than 150 years combined experience in transportation management, the entire TransCare organization — from transportation coordinators to certified paramedics and emergency medical technicians — is dedicated to developing comprehensive transportation programs tailored to meet the specific challenges of health care institutions and municipalities.

 Problem. Transcare was moving from two existing facilities to two new locations, while implementing new VoIP PBX technology and upgrading its voice and data networks to MPLS with a new carrier.  One existing site was being closed and the PBX was to be moved to the other existing site. The migration project also required a complete inventory of all telephone lines and services in order to ensure a successful porting of telephone numbers and the disconnection of unused services.

Transcare needed to reengineer contact centers, identify and migrate customer contact numbers and execute a technology move — all while maintaining emergency call centers in New York and Baltimore.  As new equipment and service was being implemented, Transcare had to ensure that its emergency 24/7 operations remained intact.

In order to cope with the demands of managing multiple technology projects and multiple relocations, Transcare needed to look outside its own IT organization for the specially skilled resources needed to achieve their technology goals and meet the relocation timeline. They engaged CTS Partners because of its extensive experience with contact center design, technology relocations, and voice and data networks.

Solution. CTS coordinated the migration of Transcares voice network to two new Brooklyn locations using AT&T‘s MPLS network with QoS.  Transcare, with CTSs help, relocated staff from several locations in Brooklyn to the new sites, which required a redesign of the auto attendant, new network routing and the porting of all existing corporate and customer contact numbers.  

In order to accurately port the phone numbers, design the most effective call routing and disconnect unnecessary services, CTS performed a comprehensive inventory. The billing and use for all lines and services were validated and all numbers were tested. Unused numbers and services were disconnected.

CTS also assisted with the relocation of an Avaya PBX from a closed site to an existing site and handled the reengineering of contact center call routing.

CTS worked closely with the contact center manager to learn the nuances of Transcares operation.  This entailed spending time at the site to observe how the call center agents worked and meeting with supervisors to understand their pain points.

An analysis of the call routing programming and contact center management reports provided further knowledge of the operation.  Work sessions with the contact center manager identified key areas where CTS could improve call handling and the callers experience, as well as improve staff management and contact center reporting.

Engaging CTS Partners allowed Transcare to maintain its high level of commitment to its customers and remain focused on its core business.  The additional help and expertise allowed Transcares IT staff  to concentrate on other aspects of the relocation and technology upgrades.  CTS helped the contact center staff  to learn the new contact center system and trained the manager  in the use of the new reporting tools and capabilities.

Results. In Transcares business, saving seconds or minutes on a call can be critical.  As a result of these changes, Transcares customers can count on getting calls through faster and their questions answered sooner and more efficiently.

Transcare realized significant benefits from the technology improvements made during their relocations. CTS Partners contact center design enabled Transcare to handle calls more efficiently because the best resource is able to answer specific calls and all resources are utilized effectively during busy periods.  Enhanced contact center reporting allows the operations manager to adjust resources in real-time and evaluate historical patterns for effective long-term staff management.

The redesign of the auto attendant and new routing of key numbers, provided callers to the corporate office and the contact center faster and more accurate transfers.  Customer complaints related to telephone service have been significantly reduced.  Using the new MPLS data network to carry voice calls reduces monthly network costs and provides the convenience of internal dialing between sites.

Significant savings were realized from the inventory as well since many lines and services were identified as unused and were thus disconnected.

Effective project management provided by CTS resulted in a successful relocation with no down time.

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