Case Study

Posted: 7/2003

Case Study
BasicPhone Boosts Customer Service Quality
with Secure, Instant Messaging

BasicPhone Inc.
, a provider of
long-distance and residential phone services in 12 states, has found instant
messaging (IM) to be key to its successful customer service processes and

After researching available enterprise IM
offerings, BasicPhone tested several competitive products and chose e/pop 3.0
from WiredRed Software because of its flexibility and central management
capabilities. BasicPhone employees are using e/pop for general communications
and its 22 dedicated CSRs are using it to help customers with questions
regarding billing, repair, sales, service and general information.

Because the e/pop presence system allows
employees to see who is online and available immediately, CSRs can chat with a
manager, for example, to solve a customers problem while they are still on
the phone. This decreases the need to call the customer back for problem
resolution and less time is spent on the call overall.

To achieve the ability to communicate
instantaneously is an enormous feat for BasicPhone Inc. given physical layout of
the companys headquarters. Employees are divided between two separate
buildings. The customer service department, located in one building, can
communicate with the order processing, data entry, disconnect and accounts
receivable departments located in the other building immediately. e/pops
presence component makes it possible for all employees to know who is available
and online without being in the same physical location and without having to
pick up the phone or running to the building next door. This not only increases
the efficiency of communications, it fosters a cohesive the teamwork environment
because of the ability to respond faster to co-workers about customer related
problems and issues.

While the No. 1 benefit of using enterprise
instant messaging is the ability to serve customers better and faster, weve
found the technology helps the entire company to function and work as a team.
The results have been incredible. All employees feel empowered to do their best
to help the customer with the support from all department personnel, said
Chad Kibodeaux, sales and marketing director at BasicPhone.

James Bourgeois, the system administrator for
BasicPhone, was responsible for testing and choosing the right enterprise IM
solution. After testing several products, we chose e/pop for its flexibility
and ability to send messages to one person or a group of people at the same
time. Also, from my perspective the central management capabilities found in
e/pop make my job a lot easier.

The lock-down feature is extremely important.
There is no way that the e/pop application can be exited or deleted and only the
specific features Ive chosen are available. More importantly, you dont
have to be computer savvy at all to use e/pop. It is extremely intuitive, so our
employees need little or no training to use it.

While increased productivity and better customer
service are the result of using enterprise IM technology, e/pop has become a
tool that BasicPhone relies upon daily. From the company president down to the
front-line employees it has become as much of a necessity as the telephone, the
company reports.

This is a highly competitive industry.Whoever
wins the customer service battle wins the business. We believe e/pop pays for
itself with the speed of service it allows us to provide. BasicPhone strives to
offer the best customer service we can and we are convinced we cant meet our
quality of service objectives without e/pop, says Kibodeaux.

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