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Posted: 7/2003

News Briefs

T-Systems International GmbHs unit for
carriers carrier business, International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS),
has announced interconnection with SONOFON at a new point of presence in
Copenhagen. This gives the two companies access to the other mobile operators
directly interconnected with each others networks. ICSS offers mobile
operators access to T-Systems global coverage via the Telekom Global Net. Its
mobile hub solution includes calling line identification, identification
presentation and identification restrict. ICSS offers complete solutions for
mobile carriers, from voice traffic termination, SS7 signaling, IP solutions for
GPRS and future 3G networks.

Teleglobe Inc. has signed agreements for
the provision of high-speed international Internet access with two African
telcos. Under a three-year agreement with Gabon Telecom and a five-year
agreement with Senegals incumbent carrier, Sonatel, Teleglobe will supply
dedicated DS3 access to Teleglobes high-speed Internet backbone via its IP
access site in New York City. The carriers will use the high-speed bandwidth to
provide its residential and business customers with high-speed connectivity to
the North American Internet.

SkyRiver Communications Inc. has completed
its acquisition of WestLink Wireless. The move increases SkyRivers
presence in Southern California, with coverage spanning from the San Fernando
Valley to Ventura County, and the Santa Clarita, Valencia and Newhall areas.
SkyRiver is focused on a consolidation approach to the fixed wireless broadband
industry, with a dedicated inhouse merger and acquisition team and a
relationship with the Heitman Consulting Group for service provider M&A

Sprint Corp. will lease fiber from AGL
to deploy a large metropolitan area network (MAN) ring in the
Phoenix area later this year. The ring will connect the Sprint network to
several local telecom exchange facilities two points of presence and several
end offices as well as to a Sprint mobile switching center in Phoenix. The
MSC routes wireless calls for local PCS customers of Sprint. AGL Networks
60-mile metro network covers the Phoenix central business district and portions
of Tempe, Ariz. The Sprint MAN initiative is establishing local transport
infrastructure in metropolitan areas across the United States, enabling Sprint
to bypass the ILEC in several areas of the country. The company expects to be in
30 U.S. cities before mid- 2004 and has deployed 20 markets so far.

Telecom industry veteran and entrepreneur Joe
Putegnat, co-founder of IDS Telecom and the founder of, has
unveiled Jupiter Telecom Inc., a low-cost alternative to existing
international traffic exchanges. Jupiter charges $250 per T1 port (or $600 for
VoIP port) and 1/4-cent per minute for traffic through its exchange points, with
no upfront membership fees. Carrier customers hook into the Jupiter Telecom
exchange via partitions at Sirius Telecom facilities in New York and Los
Angeles and at General Telecoms in Miami. Using proprietary client
software, they download the routing table from the Jupiter Telecom Web site,
containing country, country codes, carriers, pricing and ASRs. Customers can
select up to four choices per route. These are uploaded back to Jupiter Telecom
and transferred to the switch. Members and nonmembers can see the pricing posted
on the Jupiter Telecom Web site. In addition, Jupiter will send daily e-mails
noting price changes on routes. Customers can change carriers as frequently as
they like.


AGL Networks

Gabon Telecom

General Telecom

Sirius Telecommunications

SkyRiver Communications Inc.

SNET Diversified Group



Sprint Corp.

Teleglobe Inc.

T-Systems International GmbH

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