Carrier Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 08/2002

News Briefs

* SBC Communications Inc.
assures its wholesale customers it will continue to provide line sharing under
existing terms, despite a May 24 appeals court decision vacating the FCC’s
rules. When the court’s final order is issued, which was expected sometime in
July, it could allow companies like SBC to invoke provisions that would allow
them to stop providing line sharing.

SBC’s commitment is to defer
changing the terms, conditions or prices in current line-sharing agreements and
contracts until at least Feb. 15, 2003, when the FCC is expected to conclude its
review of the line-sharing rules and issue a final order.

* Online referral service Fiberloops
plans to publish two network directories: The Fiberloops National Metro Network
Directory and the Fiberloops National Long Haul Network Directory. These
directories will identify companies that sell dark fiber, conduit and lit
services throughout the United States.

* Carrier’s carrier Memphis
Networx LLC
completed construction of its 90-mile fiber ring serving the
major business centers of Memphis and Shelby County with high-speed fiber. Metro
access and metro core services include SONET, Ethernet and optical wavelengths
to carriers, service providers and building owners.

* International wholesaler ITXC
received a patent that broadly covers systems used for monitoring,
evaluating and actively managing voice quality in data network-based telephony
networks. The ability to detect congestion automatically and reroute calls over
the Internet is an aspect of ITXC’s network management covered under this
patent. This rerouting can take place even in midcall without manual
intervention and is undetectable by the caller. Many aspects of the inventions
described in the patent already are implemented in ITXC’s network worldwide
including the company’s BestValue Routing technology and help ITXC achieve Tier
1 quality over the public Internet.

* WorldCom Inc. opened MAE
Chicago and MAE New York IX service facilities, two Internet public peering
exchanges. The facilities provide alternative Internet Network Access Points (NAPs),
where ISPs and ASPs can pass Internet traffic between service providers.
WorldCom already delivers Internet exchange services through its MAE East ATM
IX, MAE West ATM IX, MAE Central ATM IX, MAE Frankfurt IX and MAE Paris IX
service facilities.

* US Signal, a privately held
carrier’s carrier, says it will light its entire four-state network in the
Midwest before the end of the year. The company is building a regional network
to cover 500 miles of metropolitan rings spanning 14 major cities in Indiana,
Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. In April, US Signal lit its Michigan network
and it anticipated completing a network by July 1 in Indiana. The networks in
Illinois and Wisconsin will be complete before the end of the year.





Networx LLC




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