Carrier Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 02/2000

Carrier Channel

News Briefs

* GST Telecommunications, Inc. (
has activated its MAN in Houston, continuing that market’s integration into GST’s core ICP
operations. The Vancouver, Wash.-based ICP turned up its 38-mile, multiple conduit fiber
backbone through Houston’s central business district, which connects it with previously
deployed voice and data switches. GST entered Houston in 1996 with its purchase of
TotalNet Communications, a long distance provider. The ICP gradually added local dial
tone, data and Internet services to its Houston portfolio.

* KMC Telecom Holdings Inc. (
has announced a three-year expansion of its relationship with Lucent Technologies Inc. ( that will form the foundation of KMC’s
high-speed, integrated data, Internet and voice network. KMC plans to build and expand its
network using Lucent’s 7R/E packet solutions–the PathStar Access Server and Stinger–in
small-to-medium-sized cities. These will enable KMC to offer voice over Internet protocol
(VoIP) service in cities where it already has deployed Lucent 5ESS switches.

* Network Access Solutions (NAS) (,
a broadband solutions provider, has completed phase one of its mid-Atlantic digital
subscriber line (DSL) network buildout ahead of schedule. It now has a network of 360 COs
and access to 85 percent of businesses in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.
According to the company, it plans to add 140 new COs to its network footprint in the
first half of the year.

* Net2000 Communications (
has installed six Passport 7480 multiservice switches from Nortel Networks ( in as many cities. The
recent installation is part of an ongoing strategy to build out its next-generation
network. The new switches are located in Baltimore, Boston, New York, Norfolk and
Richmond, Va. and Washington. In an earlier $180 million contract between the two
companies, Net2000 is using Nortel DMS-500 multiservice switches to build its voice
network, with the Passport 7480 switches providing the data and network transport

* BroadWing Communications (
has announced it is trialing the CorWave suite of all-optical products from Corvis Corp. ( for its coast-to-coast fiber optic
network. The CorWave product family is an end-to-end optical network solution supporting
2.5 gigabits per second (gbps) and 10gbps speeds. It offers high-capacity and all-optical
switching, transport and network management for next-generation, terabit Internet protocol
(IP) networks.

In other BroadWing news, BroadWing Communications’ parent company BroadWing Inc. has
announced it will deliver application service provider (ASP) services to organizations
requiring e-business strategies as a result of an alliance with EpicEdge (, an e-business solutions provider.
EpicEdge offers iPlanet Portal Solutions, which allows access to information independent
of who owns the data or where they are located. Under the terms, BroadWing will provide
the small-to-medium-sized and enterprise business markets with a virtual environment
enabling access to mission-critical applications.

* Choice One Communications Inc. (,
an ICP targeting small-to-medium-sized business markets in the Northeast, has entered
three new markets in Pennsylvania. Choice One recently began offering services to business
customers in Allentown, Harrisburg and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. The ICP will offer
high-speed Internet access and other data via digital subscriber line (DSL) and dedicated
T1 lines. In the future, Choice One will bundle voice and data services for business
customers in these markets.


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