Carbonite’s Whitlock: ‘We Have a 100-Percent Recovery Rate’

100 Percent

… “what’s your appetite for downtime?” Maybe a day is OK for certain things, hours is OK for others and seconds for mission-critical servers. And the need to be able to protect data in different environments, whether on-premises, or cloud, or hybrid.

What we’ve done is start to fill in every single one of those quadrants within a three-by-three grid. Whether it’s traditional backup, backup for endpoint devices – mobile, laptops, desktops – and server backup with the EVault line as well as disaster recovery, and now with high availability and disaster recovery as a service, we can provide immediate failover for customers so that they can really start to segment their environments.

We can put together a solution with our partners that meets a customer’s specific needs.

CP: One of the big selling points of DRaaS is ransomware protection. Have you seen partners use your technology to help recover customer data?

JW: Across the board. From the same products, home and office, we’ve had a 100-percent recovery rate. It’s not only the products but the support team as well, and I think that’s an important bit that we shouldn’t overlook. It’s one of the exciting things about being at Carbonite. Partners, when they get in trouble or if they need help, they want to know that they can get it.

CP: A 100-percent recovery rate is a selling point.

JW: Exactly. The EVault technology has absolutely helped many of our customers out of situations where it would have otherwise cost them a lot of money. And not only in terms of hopefully getting the encryption key back from the cyber criminals, but also from not being able to transact business.

CP: You’ve also recently acquired Double-Take Software and Datacastle. How have those channel programs and technologies come together?

JW: Double-Take was a wonderful augmentation to the portfolio because it allowed us to go from, “we got your data; in the case of a disaster or a failure, we can get you back,” but now with the Double-Take technology, we can provide that instant failover locally or over the wire. And we can provide remote access to a cloud version, so that clients can continue to work while they get their operations back up and running.

We’ve come out with a new solution where I can fail over to an appliance, where we’re replicating the data locally, and then that’s being backed up via the EVault solution into the cloud, so that if a primary fails, I now have a box, an appliance — that is my new server. It’s backed up to the cloud through Double-Take and automatically comes back up, right where it was, plus any changes that have happened during the time to repair.

And on top of that, Datacastle endpoint backup provides the ability to manage, deploy, back up and provide easy access to data, fully encrypted once it leaves the device, with technology embedded that allows for fast access to frequently or recently used files that are also stored in cache locally.

At the end of the day, a lot of data still resides on …

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