Business Success Story: Netrepid Provides Tightly Integrated Security for Regulated Clients

The Company

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Netrepid provides quality advice, support and direction across colocation, infrastructure and application hosting services. Founded in 2004, the company has state-of-the-art data centers with service offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Netrepid supports 7,000 clients in regulated sectors such as health care, finance, education, transportation and government. The company is a one-stop shop for customer environment management, anti-virus and backup.

The Challenge

With Netrepid’s rapidly growing client base, the company needed a reputable, tightly-integrated enterprise-grade security product stack so the team could provide advanced anti-virus, remote monitoring and management (RMM) and reporting from one integrated platform. This would also provide improved visibility across client environments and new efficiencies for Netrepid’s staff. Security compliance for Netrepid’s regulated health care, finance, education and government clients was also critical.

Sam Coyl, president of Netrepid, explained: “We had used several RMM tools over the years but found the integration between the remote management, anti-virus, backup and other services was clunky at best. Constant changes to integrated services, new pricing models, additional payments for each add-on, rip and replace installations, new training and new reporting were challenging and, ultimately, very costly. And because many of the vendors were unknown to end users, time had to be spent explaining the quality and reputation of the proposed products.”{ad}

For those of Netrepid’s clients that operate under strict regulations, such as the HIPAA and the FDIC, audits are detailed and serious.  Access to advanced security technology was key but Netrepid also required reporting tools that could accurately prove compliance and reduce staff time producing reports.

“We needed a reputable product platform from a trusted solutions vendor in computer security software. We also needed a vendor with the service capabilities to meet our regulated clients’ needs and help us scale for growth,” said Coyl.

The Solution

Coyl discovered the AVG Business solutions platform. He explained, “As we talked with AVG and they showed us what could be achieved with AVG CloudCare and AVG Managed Workplace, we were convinced we had found the right platform.”

Today, Netrepid’s Enterprise Business Services provide a complete package of tools from AVG and nearly all Netrepid’s customer infrastructures are maintained and protected through AVG Managed Workplace and AVG CloudCare. 

“We are a small company and very few of the large solution vendors pay attention to us. We expected the same from AVG but AVG believes in our vision and wants us to be successful. The AVG team listens to our feedback and our ideas for continual product improvement,” added Coyl.

Using AVG Managed Workplace, Netrepid staff can work from a simplified service delivery platform that integrates core RMM capabilities — monitoring and alerting, automation, path management, AV management, backup management and reporting — with Netrepid’s service plans.  AVG Managed Workplace streamlines and standardizes the…


…configuration and onboarding of security services for customer sites – saving Netrepid time and driving valuable efficiencies. Through the Managed Workplace platform, Netrepid can reduce the onboarding process to a few clicks and automate deployment. The platform lets Netrepid create its own service plans to cover a group of devices within a customer site or deliver standardized service offerings right out of the box.  This allows Netrepid to more easily map security services to their clients’ SLAs.

Netrepid is also using AVG CloudCare, a cloud-based solution that delivers advanced anti-virus, cloud backup, email security, premium remote control, content filtering and more from a single administrative platform.  Netrepid can easily deploy and manage these services, in real time, with full visibility from one dashboard.

The Results

With the switch to AVG Business solutions portfolio, Netrepid has gained multiple advantages and achieved quantifiable results. These include:

Productivity, Efficiency & Advanced Security Defense. The AVG Business suite’s user interface, multitenant setup and centralized platforms have enabled Netrepid to increase efficiency and productivity. It’s now much easier to deploy and manage security services either onsite or remotely, train users and generate reports proving compliance. With the ability to work from one platform, the team has greater visibility across all clients’ environments with the ability to more easily manage, deploy and maintain security services. These tools make it easy for Netrepid’s staff to generate reports, control access and train users. Initial rollouts for new clients are now completed within hours. With advanced security technology and improved visibility, Netrepid can be proactive and less reactive. Service desk time has been reduced by 20 percent through automated management of updates, patches and anti-virus tools.{ad}

“Security is a priority for our clients,” Coyl said. “Data protection and breaches are high on the list of concerns for businesses. Being able to talk knowledgeably about anti-virus is vital. Easy access to the technology and tools for detection and protection is critical.”

Compliance Reporting. AVG’s integrated reporting tools enable Netrepid to demonstrate compliance for regulated clients in specific market sectors. Detailed and specific reports can be generated very efficiently. Netrepid clients regularly require machine detail reports for capital budget planning as well as regular reports for antivirus compliance and scanning results.

“Using AVG’s reporting tools we can quickly and accurately prove compliance: here’s your system, the last patch, the last scan,” Coyl added.

Shorter sales cycles with trusted industry name. Netrepid has shortened its sales cycles because prospects know AVG and can see Netrepid is security focused. Less staff time and fewer hours are needed, reducing Netrepid’s costs for onboarding new clients. This savings has been passed onto clients, resulting in winning new business.

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