Business News – Universal Access Expands Databases, Interconnection Facilities

Posted: 08/2000

Business News

Universal Access Expands Databases, Interconnection Facilities

CUniversal Access Inc.
( has expanded its Universal Information Exchange
(UIX) databases and plans to open six additional Universal Transport Exchange (UTX) interconnection facilities.

The UIX–a set of proprietary databases that contains information about current circuit routes, network availability, interconnection agreements, facility locations and pricing–now includes data on more than 60 transport suppliers and more than 150,000 physical sites.

The company also announced plans to build neutral interconnection facilities in Chicago and Santa Clara, Calif., in addition to new locations in Atlanta, New York, Phoenix and Seattle.

Currently, the company operates seven UTXs located in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Washington.

In tandem, the UTX facilities and UIX databases enable Universal Access to stitch together fragmented networks on behalf of its carrier customers more quickly and cost-effectively than they could assemble on their own.

The company’s carrier customers can obtain quotes, process orders and manage their networks via the web.

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