Business News – MSF Reports Strong Progress on VoATM and VoIP

Posted: 10/1999

Business News

MSF Reports Strong Progress on VoATM and VoIP

The Multiservice Switching Forum (MSF) says it has surpassed its goals for
organizational growth and progress toward defining an architecture that will allow one
network–based on Internet protocol (IP) and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)–to support
multiple services.

In an announcement this summer, MSF reported that it has made significant headway on
the development of architecture, interface and protocol specifications for switches
handling voice over IP (VoIP) and voice over ATM (VoATM).

The forum expects to complete the multiservice network architecture specification by
the end of the year. An open architecture specification will ensure interoperability,
enabling carriers and network operators to expand their networks more rapidly.

Founded in November 1998 with a goal to sign 30 member companies, MSF now has 55
members, including carriers and telecom equipment manufacturers. The forum has three
working groups–Switch Control, Architecture and Media–which are aligned with other
industry standards groups, including The ATM Forum, Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

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