BridgeWaves AdaptPath Technology Extends the Reach of Gigabit Wireless

BridgeWave Communications unveiled AdaptPath technology, which seamlessly integrates its AdaptRate gigabit Ethernet wireless links with secondary connections using wired or wireless technologies. The dual technology solution provides unprecedented GigE wireless link availability and range, the company said.

The BridgeWave booth at COMPTEL

AdaptPath link switching creates an all-weather, dual-path data connection by pairing a BridgeWave 60GHz or 80GHz GigE wireless bridge with a lower-speed secondary path. This path can be a leased-line wired connection, a license-free 5.xGHz radio bridge or a licensed-band 6GHz or 11GHz link. During a severe storm, the AdaptPath feature automatically switches data traffic from the primary GigE link to the secondary path before the link experiences data errors.

According to Gregg Levin, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for BridgeWave, the AdaptPath feature offers customers gigabit data rates and superior link availability at longer distances. “AdaptPath is the next step in BridgeWave’s strategy to offer enterprises, government entities and network operators greater flexibility in meeting their network capacity, range and uptime requirements,” Levin said. “With our extended-range technologies, we enable the deployment of GigE links well beyond traditional distances with the highest levels of service availability.”

Virginia-based Roadstar Internet utilizes BridgeWave’s AR80X gigabit links with AdaptPath and AdaptRate features to accelerate the rollout of high-capacity, reliable Internet services to area businesses. Roadstar worked with BridgeWave to determine rain fade calculations for its region, During exceptional rain events, the BridgeWave link’s AdaptRate feature first switches from GigE to a 100mbps data rate; then, if needed, the AdaptPath capability switches traffic to a secondary, highly rain-tolerant 40mbps 5GHz bridge. As the storm passes, the link immediately returns to full GigE speed.

BridgeWave Communications

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