Blake Wetzel, Qwest Communications

Title: Vice President of Qwest Business Partner Program
Years in current position: 6 months
Years with current company: 11 years
Years in the indirect channel: 6 months

Past jobs in the indirect channel: Director of national customer care and operations that supported QBPP.

Biggest challenge: “Developing strong positive working relationships between different organizations around a specific goal. Making sure that we continue to deliver the best services to our customers based on value, in a market that is becoming increasingly price-sensitive. This means that we need to continue to work to understand our customers’ business needs so that we are helping to deliver the services that will improve their business goals.”

What is the importance of the indirect channel to your organization? “The indirect channel plays a very important role in the overall success of the Qwest Business Markets group. I see us continuing to expand the partnership between Qwest’s direct and indirect channels. We will tactically align the direct and indirect sales force to maximize both organizations effectiveness.”

To what extent do you engage in activities to promote or advance the channel? “I am constantly talking to my peers internally within Qwest to strategize with them on how we can optimize the strength of two unique channels in the market. By partnering with all organizations within the company, I hope to inform the entire corporation of how we approach the market and make sure our go-to-market strategy is a coordinated effort with all the supporting organizations.”

High school honor: Most Likely to Succeed

What others are saying about Blake:

“Over the years, Blake Wetzel has distinguished himself as a person that gets the job done within Qwest. His operational expertise coupled with his business acumen will help propel the QBPP program to new heights within Qwest. Under Blake’s leadership, QBPP is looking outside of the box and returning to its industry-leading channel position.”
— Ben Humphreys, Manager, Agent Alliance Q LLC, master agent

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