Be Bold with Your Technology Investment Decisions

Women in Technology

… new technologies, often many years in advance of when they might be useful to our clients. We’ve done this with IoT, artificial intelligence and, of course, cloud. Moving away from a present-focused investment strategy can be scary, but you have to trust your instincts. Some decisions may be difficult to justify, but if you do your homework, your CEO will thank you later.

CP: From a technology perspective, what are some of the emerging ones that partners definitely need to pay attention to when investing?

TS: Multi-cloud is a big deal. Partners need to help clients go beyond simple lift-and-shift maneuvering – that is, moving from on-premises to cloud infrastructure – and focus on issues like application reconciliation, identification of best-of-breed platform services, and truly understanding the best way to build and deliver applications at scale. Another area in which partners can help clients excel is by creating seamless and simple application “experiences,” leveraging standards set by consumer applications. Yet another technology investment opportunity is around new collaboration and online meeting paradigms. Facebook, Google and Microsoft are showing us the way. And finally, partners need to realize that simply moving clients to the cloud is no longer enough; the bar has been set much higher. The opportunity for partners now is to help clients figure out how moving to the cloud can create a tangible return on investment, and take their businesses to a new level.

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