article Powers Mitel Solution Centers to Help SMBs Adopt VoIP

On June 11,, a nationwide provider of complete business communications solutions, announced that it will be powering all Mitel Solution Centers across the country with its SIP trunking technology, enabling customers and VARs to preview innovative solutions technology in a live environment. has been a Mitel partner since September 2006, bundling its IP trunking technology along with Mitels unified communications solutions for the enterprise and SMB markets throughout the United States. The integration of into the Mitel Solution Centers deepens the relationship as well as being a necessary tool within this growing market designed to show the features, cost savings and overall benefits of VoIP solutions in a tangible way.

The Situation:

The adoption of VoIP by SMBs is expanding rapidly as companies across the country are recognizing the value in upgrading and expanding the capabilities of their telecommunications system.

With more SMBs moving their communications systems to VoIP, the opportunity for solutions vendors and service providers has never been greater. Bandwidth.coms relationship with Mitel illustrates a larger trend in SMB VoIP; the emergence of a new telecom ecosystem where IP communications solutions vendors are partnering with service providers to offer VARs direct-to-customer bundled solutions, without having to take on customer service or technology management.

The Mitel Solution Centers with SIP trunking from are validation that the partnerships made by these companies benefit the end user and are designed to offer tangible ways for businesses to test and choose the right VoIP system for their company.

The Solution:

In order to fully educate SMBs on the cost-effective and efficient IP communications solutions available to them, Mitel has implemented fully equipped solutions centers with SIP trunking VoIP services provided by, that are designed to show potential customers just how its VoIP systems paired with industry-leading services work in a real office environment.

Bandwidth.coms IP trunking bundled with Mitels unified communications solutions simplifies a customer’s network infrastructure by converging all local, long-distance, private voice and data traffic onto a resilient IP/MPLS backbone allowing traffic to flow both inside and outside of the enterprise. The service replaces ISDN PRI (primary rate interface) facilities without compromising business-critical features or network reliability that businesses depend upon. Bandwidth.coms SIP trunking product is unique in that it allows a business to oversubscribe each VoIP trunk; this enables any company to purchase trunks only for the number of concurrent calls they support, rather than buying one for each individual employee.

Mitel Solution Centers are important as they allow customers and VARs to preview innovative solutions, including SIP trunking technology, in a live environment, giving them a better understanding of just how they will work once implemented in their business. They also allow customers the information they need when deciding what VoIP system is right for them.

Mitel operates solution centers in five locations; Atlanta; Costa Mesa, Calif.; Chicago; Herndon, Va.; and New York all of which have been equipped with Bandwidth.coms SIP Trunking VoIP solution.


The continued growth of the VoIP market depends on solution centers like these operating with the latest technology to help SMBs to fully understand the technologys capabilities and assure businesses that theyre getting the most from their service.

Our solution centers are an invaluable way for us to showcase our unified communications to customers and partners, said Paul Butcher, president and chief operating officer, Mitel. enables us to show our SIP capabilities in action while allowing customers to experience our solutions in a live environment that demonstrate the real-world business benefits we deliver.

Mitel is one of our strongest partners and we believe the benefit of showing prospects how our software and Mitel platforms work together is a tremendous selling point, said Nathan Cameron, vice president of sales for Our SIP trunking product provides a simple end-to-end SIP VoIP connection to a business network of carrier gateways, eliminating the need for additional hardware to convert voice traffic to VoIP. The ability to show the technology in the solution center further validates the significance for businesses.

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