Avant, Verizon Break Down Benefits of, Partner Opps from SDN, Virtualization

Software-defined networking

… simplification and consolidation of features and functionality offer tremendous benefits to end users. Hopefully sellers will be inspired to leverage partners like Avant and providers like those in our portfolio to stay on the cutting edge and deliver the greatest value technology can offer.

BP: This solution turns network services into on-demand virtual services available in both a hosted network services (HNS) platform or on universal customer premises (uCPE) hardware, simplifying network architectures by replacing complex webs of multiple purpose-built hardware with virtual network functions including routing, SD-WAN, security and WAN optimization. Partners would want to offer this to provide additional agility and consolidation of multiple functions into a single uCPE. Using the latest in software-defined networking and network-function virtualization, partners can now offer a full range of capabilities easily and more simply than ever before. But do they have the capability within their existing sales organization.

PC: Most companies have virtualized their compute and storage environments but many lag behind on virtualization of the network and associated security services. The virtualization journey can now continue through the network and security services that now occur in the physical infrastructure (routing, switching, load balancing, and firewalls). From an IT agility standpoint, network virtualization is a lot like server virtualization. You achieve the same automated operational model as you do with virtual machines and realize many of the same benefits. Modern applications require a software-defined approach that leverages automation to give businesses the speed, consistency and quality needed to support ever changing requirements. SDN greatly reduces the complexity and amount of time it takes to respond to requests for IT resources and improves the ongoing management and security of the provisioned services and applications, while reducing errors throughout the process.

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