Avant, Verizon Break Down Benefits of, Partner Opps from SDN, Virtualization

Software-defined networking

… a purpose-built appliance for every individual IT need. To a large degree, this is natural, as specific solutions are built to address new needs as they arise. It is also the result of efforts to avoid the dangers associated with a single point of failure.

Sellers should be prepared to talk through these concerns, willing to gradually displace and consolidate functions over time, and understand that one size won’t fit all across different sites and customers. Just as the server world has become almost entirely virtualized, the network world is doing the same, and will similarly benefit. Sellers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the industry, hone their pitches and fundamentally understand the value virtualization delivers in order to overcome roadblocks.

Verizon's Bill Prange

Verizon’s Bill Prange

Bill Prange: Partners would want to offer this to provide additional agility and consolidation of multiple functions into a single uCPE. Using the latest in software-defined networking and network-function virtualization, partners can now offer a full range of capabilities easily and more simply than ever before. A strategy for this includes shifting from a transactional outcome to a consultative model.

The actual basis and economical benefit to the partner is not in the elements of the software and managed services-defined architecture, but actually in the network services. We have determined that the real “money” comes when you sell these services with network connectivity. On the average, connectivity will account for about 80 percent of the revenue in most environments. Although our VNS services are connectivity agnostic, the sales strategy must include consultative services, network and orchestration management. It takes special skills for a sales organization to successfully sell these products. So the primary strategy that organizations must deal with is to determine if they can sell these services with your current sales force and what provider gives you the support that you need and helps you develop your sales force to have the capabilities to transition from a transactional model to a consultative and strategic business relationship partnership.

PC: Sales people need to transition from order takers to thought leaders helping to educate their clients about the value of virtualizing the network. Their messaging needs to change from traditional product features to the benefits of services delivered within an SDN environment. Compensation needs to incentivize sales people to shift their behavior from selling hardware to instead selling a re-occurring service model. Sales needs to focus more on formal account planning and identifying the benefit and paths that each client can take to improve IT efficiencies and legacy infrastructure.

CP: What do you hope your audience will take out of this talk?

DL: Virtualization is the next evolution of IT. This is an exciting development, because …

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