Avant: Agents, MSPs Converge in a Multicloud World


… Amazon, it’s very hard for them to compete. So very often, we’re now seeing MSPs and agents (of course, agents have always done this) leveraging third parties like Rackspace and Hosting to bring them to the table and augment their provider services …

Hosting has a practice area specifically on health care. They understand the requirements and such for helping someone stay compliant within a hosted environment, whether it’s hybrid or single location data — leveraging the expertise that [is] out there. It’s more important these days to be the trusted adviser that isn’t afraid to leverage the ecosystem. The thing I would recommend for MSPs that we work with is, don’t be afraid to let go and reach out in the ecosystem to augment your capabilities. Your customer will thank you that you’re not trying to do something all yourself.

CP/CF: Let’s talk straight technology. What are the top two or three asks that partners have when it comes to cloud environments and solutions?

Avant: The fastest-growing segments we’re seeing by far are cloud solutions. Colocation is surprisingly continuing to have strong double-digit growth. UCaaS is on fire; it’s just unbelievably growing. [There’s] SD-WAN, which is pulling through a refresh of the overall corporate WAN environment. Those key pillars are the areas that are growing, and within each one of them there isn’t a one- or two-size-fits-all. You really do have to listen to the customer’s needs. You have to listen to, are they all domestic, are they international, do they need to reach China, are they looking for redundancy, is this not a mission-critical solution. Depending upon all those questions and many, many, many more, there are going to be different answers.

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