Auth0’s Channel Chief: Digital Transformation Fueling Growth

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Auth0, a Seattle-based identity management company, plans to double the size of its business this year and drive global coverage of its partner program.

That’s according to Eric Snyder, Auth0’s senior director of channels. A channel veteran with more than 15 years of industry experience, he joined the company nearly a year-and-a-half ago and and grew its partner program 150 percent in the past year. Its partner community includes such companies as Pandera Labs, Iron Cove Solutions and 729 Solutions.

Auth0’s Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), provides thousands of enterprise customers with a universal identity platform for their web, mobile, IoT and internal applications. Its platform authenticates and secures more than 1.5 billion logins per month.

The company’s platform is now available on AWS Marketplace. Customers can add the cost of an Auth0 enterprise subscription to their AWS bill and gain access to cloud-based identity management.

Auth0's Eric Snyder

Auth0’s Eric Snyder

Auth0 also is an advanced technology partner in the AWS Partner Network, allowing it to be hosted on or integrated with AWS.

In a Q&A with Channel Partners, Snyder talks about what’s fueling his company’s growth and his goals for 2019.

Channel Partners: Tell us about your company and how you work with partners.

Eric Snyder: Our company is about five years old and we were started by two developers in an effort to make identity accessible to all developers regardless of what kind of applications they might be building. So built by developers for developers, and delivered as a service. We provide an IDaaS platform that is completely cloud-based, so we’re cloud-native and deliver the ability for companies of all sizes, from very large to very small, to easily incorporate identity in their applications. One of the things that differentiates Auth0 from others in the space … is that this is very much a universal identity platform, and by that I mean we aren’t just focused on one specific use case. We can handle a whole host of various use cases for that developer. So whether it’s a business-to-consumer website or even employee single sign-on (SSO), those are capabilities that are inherent in our platform, which really sort of streamlines why we’ve been growing as fast as we have.

CP: You’ve been with Auth0 going on 18 months. What has been your role in terms of growing the company’s channel?

ES: My role is to essentially identify what the channel should look like and define the programs, and continue to innovate on those programs, and to engage with partners along with my team to help drive incremental revenue and successful outcomes with our customers with our platform and our technology. As a platform and delivered as a service, I don’t think that this is necessarily a traditional channel as much as a way for us to engage with partners to enable them to deliver valuable services to their customers.

CP: What were your top priorities when building your company’s partner program?

ES: When you look at it externally, we want to meet partners where they are. We want to provide partners with the training, the enablement and the engagement model that fits their business. And so really taking a step back and looking at what partners were looking for from Auth0 was ultimately priority No. 1. Priority No. 2 was building all of these capabilities, which I think we’ve done a pretty good job of rolling out over the past year in terms of …

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