AT&T’s Randall Porter: Channel Realignment ‘Came at the Exact Right Time’


… opportunity now with each and every business looking to mobilize different applications within the business, make it more efficient, create new opportunities to track assets, to understand fleet [and]the development of smart cities. All of these things are now pushing down-market into this midmarket space where these solution providers have those relationships.

What we’re doing is serving those same key IoT platforms and services that you’ve seen us take broadly to large auto [companies] and retailers. We’re now serving up those same technologies and platforms to our solution providers to enable them to serve their end users.

No other reseller program today is doing that on a mobile and IoT basis, so we’re creating tremendous opportunity there, and we’re getting great traction as well.

CP: Is there anything else you want to add?

RP: It’s been an incredible five years. You mentioned it in terms of the transition from Brooks to Zee. It has been seamless. That transition time frame was perfect for the market, bringing our indirect channels underneath AT&T Partner Solutions. Obviously from my standpoint, it’s 100-percent focused on AT&T Partner Exchange and our 600 [solution providers]. We were talking at our Atlanta regional event about what’s next. Our commitment there is really all around the experience. We’ve invested a tremendous amount in the last three years around the solutions, around the APIs, on the front end from an ordering standpoint. We’re also making significant investments around service management and assurance. That’s one of the keys that the solution providers are looking for once they’ve sold them and implemented [them]; they want to understand that the carrier is backing them from a management standpoint as well.

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