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James AndersonThe prospect of walking your customers through mobility is not a question of if, but when.

That is the exhortation of Robert Boyanovsky, executive director of AT&T Mobility, who will give a keynote address on the subject at Channel Partners Evolution, Aug. 14-17, in Washington, D.C. Boyanovsky will be joined by panelists and colleagues Meredith Caram and Kevin Leonard.

Boyanovsky took time to preview his talk with Channel Partners.

Robert BoyanovskyThe transcript has been edited for length and clarity.

Channel Partners: What overall message will you be sharing during your keynote?

Robert Boyanovsky: Mobile connectivity is king, creating a world of new realities. It’s untethered us. It provides us with unprecedented insights. It’s driving significant advances in technologies and capabilities. And it’s fundamentally changing how we do business.

Look around you, and it’s not hard to see that everything is becoming mobile. From people to processes to things, wireless connectivity is digitizing more and more elements of the physical world. Small and midsize businesses are recognizing the power of mobility and understand that they will need to adapt to this new environment to stay both relevant and ahead of the marketplace.{ad}

Solution providers need to be prepared to help their customers navigate the mobile landscape, which is the focus of the keynote. I’ll quickly outline the mobile opportunity and what this means for solution providers in terms of the value they can deliver to their customers and their potential for growth — as well as why AT&T is best suited to help them succeed. I’ll also be joined by Meredith Caram – executive director of AT&T Partner Exchange – and Kevin Leonard – vice president of AT&T Alternate Channels – who will highlight how the audience can collaborate with AT&T to build mobility into their go-to-market strategy, making their path to success as clear and as simple as possible.

CP: What is the biggest challenge with mobility that AT&T or its solution providers currently face?

RB: Mobility – and the Internet of Things for that matter – is not a new concept. But the new innovation spurred by mobility and the impact it’s having on business is astounding, and it’s something solution providers should be paying attention to. It’s not a matter of if their customers will ask how they can integrate mobility into their businesses to drive new gains, but when.

Strategic solution providers can use this time of technological change to …


… their advantage, starting the mobility conversation with their customers. They can help their customers plug wireless connectivity into their operations to deliver the speed and agility they need to compete.

The opportunity for solution providers is very real, but the biggest challenge for most is getting started. It requires a shift in mindset as well as a transformation of their operations. We know mobility can be complex – maybe even daunting for some – but it doesn’t have to be. We have the game-changing technologies and expertise to help solution providers make sense of and drive revenue from this space.

CP: What takeaway do you hope the audience will get from your talk?

RB: As the underlying factor driving key business trends, mobility is fueling the next wave of channel growth. No matter where a solution provider is in their mobility journey, the potential to grow is endless. And we’re here to help them every step of the way, so they can enjoy the full benefits and advantages that mobility brings.

Beyond gleaning learnings from the keynote, we invite solution providers to stop by our booth (#F29) for more in-depth conversations of how to grow with mobility. We’re also sponsoring Mobility City [in the expo hall] to help solution providers connect and share best practices on the show floor. Our overall goal is that solution providers walk away with new strategies of how to use mobility to open up new doors for themselves and their business customers.

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