AT&T Channel Chief Exclusive: ACC Business Channel Team Expanding

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… our success.

That’s kind of the employee perspective. I’ve done a lot of meetings with SPs, at our events, at industry events. I’ve also gone and visited many of them at their sites. Some of them have come and visited us out in north Texas as well. Generally they have some questions. They always want to know, “Why are you doing this? Why now? What is the relevance from a timing standpoint? Help me understand what is the sense in putting all three [programs] under one umbrella.”

I talk to them a little bit about AT&T — where we’re going from a corporation standpoint. In a cloud-first, everything-connected world, we believe that if we’re going to make the pivot, if we’re going to make the transformation, we have to become a software-first company. That will enable us to be agile. That will enable us to be able to operate at the velocity that customers expect us to, that partners expect us to. If we’re going to make this transformation over the next few years to become a nimble, highly agile company, we need to make sure that our investments in the channel are reflective of that. That seems to resonate with the partners when we talk about why it’s now under one roof. It’s a testament to our investment in the channel.

The last 60 days we’ve done a lot of things. We’ve made a lot of announcements. We’ve made a lot of big changes, hopefully all for the better. From an Alliance standpoint, when you talk to partners – they love the breadth and depth of the portfolio. They love the fact that there is a sell-with model, so if there’s complexity in a larger deal or for whatever reason they want to partner with the direct team, they have the ability to do that.

What we needed to work on was, revamping the comp plan. Kevin [Leonard, VP, AT&T Alliance Channel] and I talked to you about this, so you’re very familiar with the augmentation we made on the Alliance side. It was revamping the comp plan; it was investing some more resources to support our SPs; and the third thing was giving them access to more accounts and putting a better deal-registration system in place. We did all of those things. As a matter of fact, we tested these things over six months in a pilot, and we had pilot participants. We measured their net promoter score before, and we measured the net promoter score after. We knew that we were on the right track because the net promoter score from start to finish increased by 60 points, which is huge. From an Alliance standpoint, we’ve made some pretty big investments and announcements. The feedback has been overwhelmingly …

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