ATLANTIC-ACM Delivers U.S. Metro Carrier Excellence Awards

Research firm ATLANTIC-ACM announced its 2007 U.S. Metro Carrier Excellence Awards yesterday at the COMPTEL PLUS Convention & EXPO.

The awards are based on the results of ATLANTIC-ACMs 2007 Metro Carrier Report Card, which evaluates the performance of metro carriers by their wholesale and business customers and is based on more than 3,000 individual carrier evaluations.

Customers rated carriers according to seven service characteristics, including brand (reputation), sales representatives (knowledge, credibility, integrity, responsiveness, consultative ability and responsiveness), provisioning (installation and timeliness), network (reliability and SLAs), customer service (responsiveness, expertise, problem resolution, efficiency), billing (accuracy, dispute resolution, flexibility and timeliness) and overall performance.

They also rated the quality and price/value of products, including local voice, integrated access, VoIP, local private line DS1/DS3, local private line OCn, IP VPN, IP/MPLS, DIA, Ethernet, SONET and metro wavelengths. The winners of the wholesale awards included:

AT&T: RBOC/ILEC wholesale brand, network performance, IP VPN, local voice, transport DSx-OCn, metro Ethernet, SONET, metro wavelengths

Qwest: RBOC/ILEC wholesale sales representatives, customer service and DIA

Embarq: RBOC/ILEC wholesale SLAs, provisioning and integrated access/PRI

CenturyTel: RBOC/ILEC wholesale billing

Verizon: RBOC/ILEC: wholesale VoIP

PAETEC: CLEC brand, network performance, sales reps, customer service, SLAs, provisioning, billing, wholesale local voice, local transport DSx and DIA

Time Warner Telecom: Wholesale metro Ethernet and SONET

XO: Wholesale integrated access/PRI and VoIP

Level 3: wholesale metro wavelengths and transport OCn

Neon: Metro/regional fiber provider brand, network performances, sales representatives, customer service, SLAs and provisioning

FPL Fibernet: Metro/regional fiber provider billing and wholesale local transport DSx-OCn

Retail winners included:

AT&T: RBOC/ILEC enterprise brand, local voice, PRI, IP VPN, metro Ethernet, VoIP

Qwest: RBOC/ILEC enterprise sales reps, provisioning, network, SLAs, customer service, DIA and IP VPN

Verizon: RBOC/ILEC enterprise billing, network, local transport DSx and OCn

Time Warner Telecom: CLEC enterprise brand, sales reps, provisioning, network performance, SLAs, customer service, integrated access/PRI, transport DSx-OCn, DIA and metro Ethernet

PAETEC: CLEC enterprise billing, local voice, VoIP and IP VPN


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