ASCENT: TMNG launches Quality Systems Audit to Evaluate IT structure

The Management Network Group Inc. (TMNG, Booth 611), a provider of management consulting services to the global communications industry, announced the launch of the new quality systems audit, TMNG QSA, an independent, comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s IT structure, scored against best-practice industry benchmarks.

"The current economy is forcing corporate executives, from the board level on down, to ask how to better utilize their existing infrastructure, or, if additional investments are needed, how they can most effectively spend the limited capital they have," explains Ken Neimo, COO of TMNG Technologies. "The QSA toolset, backed by the in-depth expertise of the TMNG consultancy, provides these executives with the kind of unbiased, vendor-neutral analysis of their business systems that are often overlooked in standard, financial audits."

TMNG QSA was developed with accountability in mind and in direct response to the requests from companies in all areas of the communications industry for objective, third-party analysis of the state of their IT infrastructure, says TMNG. Early customers include wireline, wireless and cable-telephony service providers, boards of directors and financial institutions seeking a clearer understanding of the state of their companies and investments.

The quality systems audit is conducted by TMNG’s analysts and spans a company’s entire computing system, including the hardware, software, networking resources, human resource capabilities and systems maintenance and protection. It identifies the systems’ problem areas and outlines what changes or upgrades are needed in order for the company to remain competitive in its respective industry.

TMNG, is headquartered in Overland Park, Kan. with offices in Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, London, Madrid, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Utrecht and Washington, D.C. It serves communications service providers, technology companies and financial services firms. Since the company’s inception in 1990, TMNG and its subsidiaries — CSMG, TMNG Marketing, TMNG Technologies and TMNG Europe — have served about 600 clients worldwide, including all the Fortune 500 telecommunications companies and most major wireless carriers.

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