ASCENT: Grande Communications Unveils Managed Carrier Termination Service

Texas-based Grande Networks (Booth 304) has launched its Managed Jurisdictional and OCN Routing (MAJOR) service today, for managing and routing carrier traffic and helping its customers optimize network costs.

"Many carriers route traffic based on a blended cost," says Paul Bennett, Grande’s senior director of technical sales. "With this service, Grande will identify jurisdiction (inter- or intrastate) and OCN (Bell or non-Bell) for each call. We will deliver calls based on these parameters, where the customer will save money."

If Grande is not the least-cost route for a given LATA (based on jurisdiction and/or OCN), Grande will deliver the call back to the customer for completion through other vendors.

To take advantage of this service, Grande’s customers must deliver the calls to Grande via SS7 interconnection facilities, which incorporates "look-ahead" routing, or route advance, says the company.

"By utilizing this service, carriers can realize the economic advantages of these routing functions without investing the capital or labor to implement this capability within their own network," explains Ron Harden, executive vice president of network services. "A carrier will deliver all calls to Grande, for any targeted LATAs, based on price, quality and overall value."

"This is a great opportunity for the carriers, because with everyone so pressed from a capital standpoint, which is hard to come by, it’s harder and harder for them to continue to build out their networks," says Harden. "Also, this eliminates the human resources — people who manage that business and that network and that routing — and if carriers don’t have to invest that capital or that headcount, it can be significant savings for them."

Grande will selectively offer MAJOR to its targeted account base, because, says Harden, not every carrier needs it.

"Those that can route their off-net providers to that level of detail, they don’t need it," he explains. "But you would be surprised at the number of carriers, including some very large carriers, that can make good use of this service — so it’s a good value-add for them."

Grande’s targets include the medium to large carriers, since many smaller carriers have just a limited number of choices for they’re off-net routing, it says.

"Anyone that competes in this marketplace knows the way you win the game is not based on price," says Harden. "The way you win the game is by adding value and differentiating your services and your products, and this is one way for us to differentiate our carrier service offering."

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