ASCENT: CustomCall Data Systems Adds Interface to BizTelOne Clearinghouse

CustomCall Data Systems (Booth 309) today announced that it is expanding its OSS offering with software that will interface to EDI platforms seamlessly from all CustomCall order-entry applications. With the EDI interfaces, CustomCall will enable UNE-P resellers to provision orders for local service through EDI platforms without leaving the CustomCall application. Results from EDI order activity then populate billing records in CustomCall’s system automatically, thus avoiding duplication of effort and eliminating clerical errors.

CustomCall’s EDI interface currently is being developed for the BizTelOne American Communications Exchange (ACX) platform. The ACX is a Web-enabled, XML-based clearinghouse that enables ILECs and CLECs to electronically exchange preorder, LSR and ASR transactions. Transactions performed through the ACX are passed back to CustomCall’s Web-enabled database for inclusion in a customer’s profile and billing record. BizTelOne’s ACX is the first and only such EDI platform to which CustomCall has agreed to interface to date.

CustomCall’s applications include CustomCall Desktop for Windows and Web-based StreamLine Sales Interface. With either application, orders for local telephone service can be submitted directly without the need to sign onto an EDI application. When new customer orders are imported from a telemarketing center or third-party verification provider, CustomCall’s application can be configured to generate local service orders automatically to EDI platforms without any user intervention. Thus, CustomCall clients could provision a virtually limitless number of orders each day with minimal manpower.

CustomCall Desktop for Windows is a business office package for telecommunications service providers that includes customer service and account management capabilities, billing inquiry, financial reporting, trouble tickets and commissions. Provisioning capabilities within the CustomCall Desktop include long-distance PIC provisioning, calling card fulfillment, 800-number assignments, and now local service provisioning via interfaces to EDI platforms.


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