Aryaka Channel Chief: Olen Scott Talks SD-WAN’s ‘Enormous Tailwind’


… evangalization. Our new CMO Sashi [Kiran] — he’s got a big job to get that word out through all the different mediums.

CP: What should we expect to change with Aryaka’s program?

OS: What I’d like to add to the program here is more structure and predictability for our partners around the resources and the enablement that’s available. We have an enormous number of resources and enablement tools and marketing programs, but there’s such a big tailwind in this space, and there’s so much opportunity. We’re enjoying a lot of success, but you have so much success that you kind of approach it opportunistically. We want to “program-ize” it, if that’s the right word, and put a lot of structure around it so our partners exactly know what to expect: “I know that if I do these things, then I get the value of all these benefits.” It’s not a lot more complicated than that.

That’s what the partners have told me over the last few years. One thing that we always do is go to market with our partners. We go to our partners; we ask them, “What’s the program missing? I don’t have a single upset Aryaka customer. Your customers love you, and we love that, because we get no phone calls and no headaches. But we need to hear more from you about the tools and the resources and the differentiations available.”

That’s the strategy right now, just to make sure that we’re constantly communicating with our partners about what’s available to them from a sales-enablement standpoint.

CP: What do you want this partner audience to know?

OS: For global SD-WAN opportunities, we have no-fail executions, which translates to extraordinarily happy customers and very fast commission payments. And nobody else can say that.

CP: What do you say looking back on your time at EarthLink and Windstream?

OS: I’ve learned something from every job I’ve had, and I’ve enjoyed my time at every single one of them. You know who’s educated me the most? It’s the partners. I’d led big sales organizations, but my first [channel leadership role] wasn’t until 2016. I reached out then to all of the godfathers of the space. The Rick Dellars [of Intelisys], the Adam Edwards [of Telarus] — that whole crew. They guided me. So I reached out, and I do it today. That’s one of the things we are doing that [I’ve] had at all of these other places: partner advisory councils. I always seek to have 12-20 leaders from different partners that will huddle with me every year and just tell me what they love about the program and what we need to change about the program. It’s not rocket science. if you listen to the partners, their suggestions will almost always be fair and equitable, and you can build a great program.

The lesson I’ve learned over the last few years is: My teachers then and my teachers now are the partners.

CP: Is there any thing you want to add?

OS: As you can hear, I’m fired up. I love this company. I love this channel space. There’s an enormous tailwind in this SD-WAN space, so I just want to run fast and grab our unfair share. Get as much as we can.

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