Architecting, Delivering Enabling IP NGN Services

In an era of virtualization and mobility, such things as converged voice, applications, wireless and video with defined QoS and SLA levels are topping the wish lists of most enterprises. Today, in a morning track of sessions presented by Cisco Systems Inc., speakers will give attendees an overview of the IP NGN technology, market intelligence and real-world, concrete examples of how to add incremental, converged, high-value business services to the portfolio.

Consumer behavior is starting to drive business behavior, said moderator Vic Northrup, vice president at Cisco. MySpace and YouTube are affecting business networks. Almost 40 percent of workers work somewhere other than company headquarters. So being able to capitalize on the connected life will be critical to service providers going forward.

The first session, Architecting Advanced IP NGN Services for the Connected Business, will focus on the design and planning portion of the process, and will feature a technical policy and control overview, with Cisco and service provider speakers providing 15 minutes of real-world architectural examples. Among the panelists is Martin Taylor, vice president of product management and technology for MetaSwitch. The floor will be opened for audience questions at the end. Top questions to be answered include: What real-world services can be architected; what real-world applications has a service provider successfully architected; and why is the IP NGN platform critical to the service provider?

Todays demanding, empowered customers are most responsive to service providers who can quickly meet their needs, explained moderator Michael Koons, vice president of systems engineering at Cisco. This means the service provider that can launch services quickly and reliably, and deliver any service, to any device, will be successful. And IP NGN is the architecture that enables that success.

The next session, Delivering Advanced IP NGN Services to the Connected Business, takes the discussion further, focusing on successfully delivering specific enterprise applications such as telepresence, video surveillance, IPTV and digital signage.

Were going to take a holistic view and talk about the evolution of the IP NGN as a single delivery system for services and applications, with resource virtualization to save capex, said Northrup. The big problem is driving incremental revenue without adding a separate network, and well show, through real examples, how you can do that.

Joining the panel will be Luis Fiallo, managing director of China Telecom USA.

Top questions to be covered are: What are the services that SMB customers want; how does video play into the network and how do you prepare for the demands of video; and, what are some proof points where someone has implemented this?

Rounding out the morning is Enabling IP NGN Services at the Data Center, led by Bill McCarthy, director at Cisco, who will talk about the back end of things: service design, control, insertion, and recovery in a robust and secure environment. The data center is no longer just a storage facility, says McCarthy.

The data center occupies a role of increasing importance in the modern service provider strategy, he said. The data center offers a new business opportunity for the service provider, and can conversely be a hub for outsourced applications they can retail to their customer base.

Customers increasingly outsource those functions that are not core to their business, he explained. They are looking for secure applications provided reliably by a trusted partner, a role the service provider can readily fulfill, McCarthy said. Secondly, existing data centers in peering facilities are becoming a service insertion point, allowing the service provider to outsource additional applications instead of providing them organically. This can make real sense to a rapidly growing service provider.

Questions covered here will include: What real-world business opportunities exist in the data center; is there a real-world application a service provider has launched successfully; and why is the IP NGN platform critical to the data center?

Derek Wise, CEO of GNI, will sit on the panel for this final session.

Cisco Systems Inc.

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