AITech Launches Equity Plan

Advanced Integrated Technologies Inc., a provider of wholesale and retail hosted PBX and line-replacement solutions, announced the AITech True Partner Program initiative for 2007.

Our True Partner Contract is the most agent-friendly contract in the industry, says AITech CEO Greg Lohrenz. We are preparing for substantial market growth in the hosted PBX, line-replacement and data/ISP markets, and we firmly believe that our sales agent partners should benefit from that growth with us.

We firmly believe that our sales agent partners should benefit from that growth with us.
AlTechs Greg Lohrenz

Significantly, AITechs True Partner Program offers agents equity in their customer base. Upon the successful sale of AITechs customer base, a True Partner would be awarded a percentage of the sale multiple based on their monthly pre-tax billed revenue. As an example, an agent with monthly pre-tax billed revenue of $30,000 to $74,999 would receive 30 percent. Agents with $150,000 and more would get 70 percent.

In addition, the program offers agents the ability to set end-user pricing, co-branding invoicing and a predetermined split of monthly revenue based off of AITechs buy-rate. The monthly split is 50/50 for up to $20,000 in monthly billing. The split goes to 60/40 for monthly billing between $20,000 to $50,000, and 65/35 for monthly billing greater than $50,000.

Finally, the program offers online provisioning and reporting and commissions on equipment sales.

Agents have no responsibility for billing, tax or regulatory compliance, or bad debt, says Lohrenz, noting the financial risks typically associated with resale is assumed by AITech.

I dont think that weve come up with anything thats new to the industry, says Lohrenz, noting similar programs that surfaced in the mid-to-late 1990s. However, it seems as though with all of the consolidation in the marketplace that these types of offers have been disappearing.

AITech has been in business for more than 14 years, including the telecom downturn. Lohrenz says he believes agents have another opportunity to build their customer bases in the hosted PBX, trunk/line-replacement and SIP trunking market segments ahead of the valuation boom that we feel will soon occur.


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