Agents Play 5th Annual Round of Inteligolf

Master agency Intelisys Communications Inc. held its fifth annual Inteligolf event in October, counting dozens of partners and suppliers among more than 200 attendees. The event, held at the Doubletree Hotel and Foxtail Golf Club in Rohnert Park, Calif., featured a golf tournament, tours of the St. Francis and Imagery wineries, and an “evening extravaganza,” says Jay Bradley, vice president of marketing and business development.

“Inteligolf brings top-producing partners together to establish new relationships with new suppliers, revisit account opportunities with current suppliers, and, it’s fun,” Bradley adds. “It’s about having fun and feeling good about doing business together in our industry.”

PAETEC Communications Inc.’s Gary Eisenberger, vice president, West Alternate Channels, agrees. The event “helps bring the agents and vendors together to build on those relationships - that’s the key,” he says.

Steve Tomsic, director of agent channels for Raindance Communications Inc., says, “Inteligolf is one of the best industry venues to meet face-to-face with top performing agents. We wouldn’t miss it.”

Intelisys also hosted a supplier’s fair this year, for the first time. Twenty-two suppliers participated. Mike Oliver of Windward Communications, says, “Intelisys has created something special in their relationships with their partners - it goes beyond just business, and Inteligolf exemplifies it.”

Along with 11 other suppliers, Inteligolf was sponsored by ATI, Global Crossing Ltd., MCI Inc., MegaPath Networks, PAETEC, Qwest Communications International Inc., Raindance and XO Communications Inc.

Intelisys also is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Rick Dellar, co-founder of Intelisys, with PHONE+ Group Publisher Marla Ellerman.

Top producer Brett Harney with Ken Bisnoff, senior vice president of strategic opportunities for TelePacific Communications Inc. and golf pro Cary Schuman.

Pat Lewis, vice president of theQwest Business Partner Program, top producer Mike Rafferty, Intelisys co-founder Rick Sheldon and top producer Brett Harney.

Jay Bradley, vice president of marketing and business development for Intelisys, with Michele Machado, senior manager, field marketing programs for XO Communications.

Pat Lewis, vice president of the Qwest Business Partner Program, and George Hampton, vice president for channel sales at MCI.

Cary Schuman, who holds the World’s Record for the longest drive, with RickDellar and Rick Sheldon, co-foundersof Intelisys.

Top producer James Manning is backed by Nancy Schwartz and Bret Hickenlooper of TMC Communications and top producer Davin Lundy.

Emily Schofield of MegaPath with top producer Brad Havens.

Kathy Brown of SAVVIS Communications Inc.; Hyla Vick of XO; Jennifer Oliver and Sarah Meyers, who are married to top producers; and top producer Scott Hughes and wife Dorothy Hughes; Kim McKenney, wife of Intelisys SWAT manager Mike McKenney, during the wine tour.

Global Crossing Ltd.
MegaPath Networks
PAETEC Communications Inc.
Qwest Communications International Inc.
Raindance Communications Inc.
XO Communications Inc.

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