Agency Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 12/2000


* The Agent Alliance (
has expanded its product portfolio by signing agreements with InTeleServ (
and BuyersOnline Inc. (

InTeleServ gives customer access to 130 million toll-free, business and
residential listings in the United States and Canada. The company says it
delivers accurate phone numbers to its callers more than 90 percent of the time
by having direct connections to RBOC data and a database that is updated every
24 hours.

The Alliance says the strategic alliance saves members’ customers 10 percent
to 40 percent on directory assistance. Additionally, Buyersonline Inc. (,
an Internet-based buyers’ collective that offers rebates to its members for
purchases, will distribute long-distance service through the Alliance, expecting
to tap a new source of revenue in the business sector.

* Excel Communications Inc. (
has expanded its wireless service into Baltimore; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; San
Diego; and Washington, D.C., as well as into the North Carolina cities of
Charlotte, Concord, Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

The service expansion prompts Dallas-based Excel’s recruitment of regional
entrepreneurs to market the company’s voice, Internet and e-commerce services.
"ExcelTV" aired a broadcast of information about the wireless program,
as well as an introduction to prospective agents. It was watched by more than
1,000 viewers, the company says. The Excel management team is traveling to each
service area to provide sales training and support to new Excel agents.

* Expanets Inc. (
will offer Lightyear Communications Inc. (
telecom products to agents. Its distribution network supports 750,000 customers
nationwide. Expanets will add Lightyear’s long distance, toll free, frame relay,
calling cards, nationwide Internet access, web hosting, billing software and
multimedia conference services to its product portfolio. Jim Walker, Expanets’
president and CEO, says Expanets expects the partnership to provide it with a
competitive advantage by allowing the company to offer value-added one-stop
shopping to its customers.

* ACC Business Inc. (
has added competitive dedicated local service in 13 states. Agents now can offer
the solution to customers in California; Illinois; Maryland; Massachusetts;
Michigan; New Jersey; New York; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Virginia;
Washington, D.C.; and Wisconsin. ACC will bundle the local offering with its
long distance; service will be transported on the network of parent company AT&T
( Some caveats: The
service requires a T1.5 access line; it cannot be purchased as a standalone
product; exclusions include originating toll free, direct inbound calling, 911
and 411 service; and it supports 10-digit dialing only.

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