Adtran Channel Chief: Managed Service Providers Joining the Fold

managed services

… services wrap-around. That would be some of the expectations you could see growth on from our end.

There is also a lot more interest from all three of our channels on more marketing development for specific line-of-business solutions. Traditionally in the hardware marketplace, we’ve been very used to selling by data sheet: “Here’s a product. It’s got these features, and here are the benefits.” In the new marketplace of software, it’s not sold that way. Software is sold based upon what the benefit is to the line of business that we’re selling it to, usually based on two things. One, you’re either going to save me a lot of money, because whatever you’re offering me is going to lower my operational costs. Or it’s going to grow my revenue substantially.

CP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MS: We’re very excited about where the marketplace is going. I think our core business is still very relevant and successful. Nobody’s walking away from hardware. … So what we’re working on is, how do we help our provider marketplace navigate this change from a services perspective and add additional services to their repertoire to grow revenue and margins?

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