Accudata Unveils AccuSure Lead Validation Tool

Accudata Technologies (Booth 222) announced a new lead-validation service called AccuSure to verify the information collected about prospects via applications or surveys.

According to Accudata, the new service is particularly important for telecom service providers and their customers that rely on collected data to generate leads.

Bad or invalid information can result in not only lost time and investments, but also fraud. Of course, this same type of information can be used for obtaining a name and address for billing purposes.

Service providers and their business customers spend an inordinate amount of time and resources trying to validate customer/prospect information, said Accudata CEO Gregory Smith. Simply utilizing a solution like AccuSure to validate information can significantly reduce wasted time and stop fraud before a service provider or one of their customers becomes a victim. And what company doesnt like to save time and money?

For as little as 5 cents per lookup, AccuSure starts with a phone number and confirms if that the number is operational and registered to the correct user. The service also determines whether each telephone number is serviced by a wireless or landline provider. Validation can be done in batches or in real time, based on the companys needs. Additional validation information also is available.

Accudata Technologies

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