A Helping Hand

Pennsylvania-based Weintraub Telecomm is donating 10 percent of all its fourth-quarter, new-business profits to the American Red Cross.

The telecom engineering firm says it wants to lend a hand after the world witnessed the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the earthquake in south Asia.

Weintraub Telecomm is grateful to be in a position to share our success to help the victims of these natural disasters, says Bruce Weintraub, the companys founder and president. Theres no better way to celebrate our companys growth than by lending a hand to those in need.

The firm serves cable operators, and public and private enterprises.

Slim Down

Hoping to appeal to the sophisticated tastes of Japanese consumers, Korean manufacturer Pantech is launching the new A1405PT handset, which it calls the smallest, lightest mobile phone ever released in Japan.

Weighing in at 98 grams, the A1405PT features a stream screen, which displays text messages on the exterior LCD screen like a stream, and a security alarm, which makes a loud sound when the alarm button on the phone is pressed.

Pantech is rolling out the handset to consumers through its partnership with Japanese telecom operator KDDI, which operates its mobile phone business under the brand name of au.


I have a proposition for you. Lets go head-to-head. … Dont try to tilt the field using the regulatory process. … Let the consumers decide. … Bring it on, but lets play fair.

Jim Robbins, retiring CEO of Cox Communications Inc., addressing new telco entrants into the video-delivery business in his keynote address at TELECOM 05 in Las Vegas in October.

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