7 Minutes With Virtual Instruments VP of Channels Paul Brodie



…monitoring capabilities to new and emerging infrastructure technologies, such as our recently released hyperconverged and software-defined storage (SDS) monitoring capabilities. Although VirtualWisdom already supports basic integrations, we will more completely integrate with our ecosystems partners such as the application performance monitoring (APM) vendors, network performance monitoring (NPM) vendors, IT operational analytics products and IT service management products. Customers will soon be able to monitor and proactively manager performance from the entire end to end perspective — from the user device to the storage array and everything in between.

CP: How do you expect your channel strategy to evolve over that time frame?

PB: Virtual Instruments will evolve its channel strategy in alignment with its technology portfolio expansion. The effectiveness of the VIP Program is in its focus on finding and recruiting VARs that have existing strategic initiatives within infrastructure products that VI actively monitors. As VI’s technology portfolio expands, VI will look to add partners that possess deep sales and technical skills within these technology realms. VI anticipates that following this model will further expand its partner ecosystem globally while increasing regional VAR activity in the Americas.

CP: What didn’t we ask that partners should know?

PB: Why should VARs partner with Virtual Instruments?  The primary reason is that it helps position the VAR as the trusted adviser to clients. It enables them to showcase their vendor-independence, planning expertise, and helps their customers proactively assure the performance and cost-effectiveness of their IT infrastructure purchases and deployments.

Additionally, VI’s technology portfolio and delivery model provide VARs with a unique ability to mitigate many of today’s tech drivers that impede VAR growth. These include:

  • Competitive pressures and margin erosion resulting from the commoditization of hardware
  • Reactive posturing from a “farming” sales mentality among VARs that have come to expect consistent, run-rate business from a small set of established accounts that have learned to work the channel for the lowest available price.
  • Market and end user budget shifts to the cloud, an area where traditional VARs have been challenged with migrating their business

All the above culminate in unpredictable run-rate business for traditional VARs. Vi’s monitoring platform reveals empirical data about end users’ infrastructures that firmly establish performance-based SLAs, where previously none could exist. Savvy VARS that recognize the value of this data have a unique advantage within their customer base that is unmatched by any VAR not selling VI technology. This is due to the breadth and depth of visibility, analysis and information revealed by VI. This allows VI VARs to provide proactive, meaningful consultation to their customers based upon what the customer truly needs instead of reacting to a request about what a customer believes they need.

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