‘7 Minutes’ With Mist Systems VP of Channels Mike Anderson



… maintaining strong relationships with our partners. From VARs to MSPs, Mist is committed to working with our partners to ensure an amazing wireless experience.

CP: Quick-hit answers: Percentage of sales through the channel, number of partners, average margin. Go.

MA: In just over a year since launch, we have signed over 100 solution providers across numerous countries. These partners have enabled us to become one of the fastest growing vendors in the history of wireless networking, with marquee customers in every industry segment.

Our goal is to drive all of our business through channels. Because we are a cloud-hosted platform with multiple software services, and we are not over-distributed like other WLAN vendors, Mist partners receive very healthy margins.

CP: Who are your main competitors, and what makes your offering better? 

MA: Mist is the new wireless network. We are picking up where traditional wireless LAN solutions left off, which means we compete with all the “old” Wi-Fi products that have been around for over a decade. Our differentiation lies in four core areas:

  • AI-driven operations, such as event correlation and predictive recommendations
  • Unprecedented insight into the user experience, including customizable Wi-Fi service levels
  • High accuracy location using virtual BLE (no battery beacons required)
  • 100 percent open and programmable

CP: How do you think your technology portfolio will change in the next three years?

MA: Mist is going to keep focusing on making Wi-Fi more predictable, reliable and measurable, with a built-in wireless assistant to simplify operations and lower costs. We want to make BLE location services a “must have” through virtualization. Our goal is to shepherd in an era of mass-market adoption of indoor location by converging Wi-Fi, BLE and IoT together into a scalable enterprise-grade solution. We won’t rest until we’ve put an end to mediocre Wi-Fi.

CP: How do you expect your channel strategy to evolve over that time frame?

MA: The biggest focus right now is on expanding our coverage and scale through the addition of new MSPs, resellers and distributors in key markets.

CP:What didn’t we ask that partners should know?

MA: Mist has the first and only certification program for delivering wireless as a service. We encourage partners to become “Mist Masters” as it equips them to lead the industry into the next wave of wireless networking. Plus it unlocks various additional benefits within the Mist partner program.

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