‘7 Minutes’ with MetTel: SD-WAN Service Provides Competitive Edge



…customers: the flexibility of our wholly managed solution (including all the unsexy things, like broadband, Ethernet and wireless access), along with the easily consumed security features, mobility integration, etc.

CP: How do you expect your SD-WAN strategy to evolve over that time frame?

EF: MetTel will continue to drive SD-WAN as a networking technology that can help enterprise in their digital transformation and 5G strategies. Over the next few years, we expect that SD-WAN will take less of a spotlight as it will begin to enable other features and functionality like application mobility and on-demand DRaaS.

CP: What didn’t we ask that channel partners should know about MetTel SD-WAN?

EF: SD-WAN is a very confusing technology space. Just about every network vendor claims to have SD-WAN technology and many MSPs are providing managed services. Channel partners should help their clients evaluate the different technologies, and scope and breadth of the management of that network. MetTel’s full lifecycle management of SD-WAN and use of intelligent automation compares favorably to any other offering.

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