‘7 Minutes’ with DB CyberTech SVP of Corporate Strategy and Marketing Ali Hedayati


… connected applications is extremely valuable and time-saving.

We know of no other product that is able to do this, let alone do it completely non-intrusively. Further, we apply machine learning to immediately identify any threats against these structured data stores.

Our products fill a critical and highly competitive market need that traditional DLP vendors and their partners don’t really address. This includes achieving and continuously maintaining sensitive data protection and GDPR compliance. It’s a great cross-sell for our partners and offers a natural extension to the security-related products and services they already offer today.

CP: Describe your channel program — heavy on certifications, open or selective, unique features?

AH: Our channel program was designed to enable partners with all the necessary tools to sell our products and fully support post sales. Additionally, the program scales quickly and easily. Our on-boarding process is frictionless, barrier-free and enables partners to quickly sign up and begin to immediately add customer value. We offer experienced field engineering and sales support from the project’s earliest exploratory phase through POC, ensuring partner success.

CP: How are you looking to engage with new partners? Are there specific incentives?

AH: We engage with partners very selectively. It’s really based on their capabilities and their positions in the market. For each of our key market segments, we invest heavily in the right partners that have service capabilities in specific compliance and security areas that best complement our products and satisfy customer needs.

CP: How can solution providers get started in this market segment?

AH: We encourage solution providers to approach us regarding participating in our partner program. We have two categories of partners. The first category is resellers, and the second is service providers who require our technology solution as part of their service offering.

Specifically, protection of personal data is now front and center with the EU GDPR and new California privacy law. There is an immediate opportunity for solution providers to help customers deploy automation and technology that support long-term compliance when it comes to the treatment of personal data. There is heavy investment in this space, and it’s quite active with projects and spending that require a specific skill set.

CP: Who are your main competitors, and what makes your offering better?

AH: Our primary competitors are legacy DLP vendors such as McAfee, Digital Guardian, Symantec and Forcepoint. However, our security and GDPR compliance products are focused on structured data, and further, we provide predictive data-loss prevention to alert to threats in the earliest phases of an attack so that they can be stopped before data is lost.

In other words, we look at requests to identify potential attacks, especially those that are constructed to exfiltrate data from systems. It has become apparent to us that customers are now becoming dissatisfied with the legacy DLP approach, which mostly identifies security threats once a data breach has occurred. This is causing a huge pain point in the market and is resulting in …

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