‘7 Minutes’ with CyberArk VP of Channels and Alliances Scott Whitehouse



… blaze new frontiers and accelerate digital-transformation strategies involving cloud and DevOps environments.

CyberArk’s innovative advancements in DevOps have had a significant impact on the company and partner community. With increased DevOps adoption comes challenges with securing these dynamic, high-velocity environments. We’re committed to helping partners and their clients meet those challenges head-on. To do that, we’re dedicated to expanding partner ecosystems and driving integrated DevOps solutions to the channel. CyberArk DevOps integrations – including Red Hat, Puppet, Ansible and Jenkins – help our partner community access the most comprehensive secrets-management solution on the market. CyberArk understands that third-party relationships are very important in DevOps, and delivering an advanced secrets-management solution in one flexible, resilient platform is a competitive differentiator for CyberArk, and its partners.

CP: How do you expect your channel strategy to evolve over that time frame?

SW: We’ll continue to evolve our channel strategy to meet the changing needs of global partners and their customers. We’ve traditionally focused on scaling our channel strategy by building deeper relationships with partners, especially with those building and prioritizing privileged-access security programs. Our focus is on increasing the quality of partnerships, versus quantity.

Again, our new multitenant offering is a great example. We introduced the pay-as-you-go offering when we saw an increase in channel partners providing expanded offerings — including security as a service. With CyberArk Marketplace, we’re also able to better support partners and their customers in their efforts to improve security and IT operations across cloud, DevOps, robotic process automation software and more.

CP: What didn’t we ask that partners should know?

SW: Nearly all advanced attacks involve the compromise of privileged credentials, which provide powerful access to organizations’ most sensitive data, applications and infrastructure. As organizations embrace digital transformation, investments in cloud and DevOps are creating an expanded attack surface. Coupled with the evolving definition of “privilege” to encompass human and non-human identities, it’s never been more important for organizations to automatically monitor, manage and control both who and what has access to their networks.

This is an exciting time to work in IT security as a channel partner. Privileged-access security represents a tremendous greenfield market opportunity globally, across industry sectors and company sizes. CyberArk is empowering partners with proactive cybersecurity solutions to help protect customer networks in the face of emerging threats.

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