‘7 Minutes’ With Armorblox SVP of Sales and Channel Brian Harmon


… modules for specific methods of communication. For example, we are not just an email security provider;  we have a broader solution and depth of protection across multiple channels, including but not limited to: email (anti-phishing, spearphishing,) BEC, DLP, accidental data disclosure, spoofing, document exfiltration, messenger platforms, [and so on].

CP: How do you think your technology portfolio will change in the next three years?

BH: As we learn about additional threat vectors evolving in the communications of corporate environments, we will develop solutions to address these threats and continue to build a robust platform. We also will build integrations and add components for additional protection.

CP: How do you expect your channel strategy to evolve over that time frame?

BH: I fully expect the channel to grow with us and enjoy the benefits of our program while providing their customer base and new prospects with innovation, and protection that keeps pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape. Our charter members, being the early adopters, will benefit from our commitment to them and will become our partner advisers assisting in the focus and direction of our solutions.

CP: What didn’t we ask that partners should know?

BH: I view our partners as the sensing mechanism for our company, and rely on their feedback and input for market conditions and customer-driven solution guidance. I have a tremendous respect and understanding of the value our partners can bring to us, and look forward to building yet another world-class partner program.

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