6 Steps to Better End-to-End Marketing

By Heather K. Margolis

For the past several years people have been beating the social media drum. Some companies have gone to extremes, hiring only marketers focused on social media. Others are sticking with traditional media and waiting for social media to just go away. And in the middle is a group of people that has come to understand that social media isnt something above and beyond what youre already doing; its part of a set of tools that need to work together. 

Meanwhile, your prospects are being inundated from all angles. So how do you get through to them?

1. Nail the Messaging. What is your message to your prospects? Not necessarily about what you sell and why its better but how you are going to solve their pain points? Your value proposition to your prospects and clients needs to be about the true value you add. Think less about speeds and feeds and more about allowing their businesses to grow and acting as their trusted adviser throughout the process.

2. Get Found. Whats the first thing you do when looking for a product or service? Search online, right? So how can you ensure that when your customers are looking for your products and services they find you instead of someone else? Search engine optimization (SEO). An SEO strategy is not simply throwing some keywords onto your website. You need to find out the level of difficulty and how often key phrases are searched. Great tools include Google Keyword (free) and hubspot (fee-based, but see 30-day trial on my website).

3. Weed Your List. You know that mailing list youve been pounding without any results for the past few years? It is time to weed it out. How do you do that? Send them an offer not a promotion or reminder of how great you are, but a true offer, such as a free assessment or video or e-book (like a white paper but cooler). Ask them to sign a registration form to get your offer. The registration form shouldnt ask for their first born child, just first name, last name, e-mail and company. Once they register you can add them to your new list. If they dont register, you shouldnt e-mail them anymore unless you enjoy people thinking of you as a spammer. 

Also, be sure to include an unsubscribe link on all e-mails. When someone unsubscribes they are doing you a favor. They are saying, Im not your target,” and they are making your statistics more accurate. Yes, you now have a smaller prospect list, but they are more likely to buy.  Ill take quality over quantity any day.

4. Leverage LinkedIn. If you only use one social platform for business, it should be LinkedIn. There are all types of activities, including network updates, group discussions and events that will help to put you in touch with the right people at the right time. The key here is to have as many valuable connections as possible, so that more people hear your messaging. A great thing about LinkedIn is you can now download and e-mail your connections with your especially valuable messages.

5. E-mail the Right Way. After you say, See ya” to that poor battered list, who and what do you e-mail? The who” should be people that have raised their hands to say, Yes, were interested in hearing from you,” either by filling out a form on your site or connecting with you on LinkedIn.  The what” should always be a valuable offer, such as a webinar invitation, e-book download, educational video or newsletter that will help to inform them on trends that may solve their pain points. Never e-mail for the sake of bragging about your companys accomplishments.

6. Generate Valuable Content. Content is the key to enticing prospects to open your e-mail or read your message on a social platform. Content should always be value-added, help solve a pain point or give away free information or consulting. Trust me, your prospects will see you as helping them to solve their pain point and the next time they need your product or service, youre the one they are going to call.

The key here is that all of these elements need to work together.  If you focus too heavily on one or dont execute appropriately, you will not see the results youre looking for.

Heather K. Margolis is an entrepreneur and founder of Channel Maven Consulting. She can be reached at

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