5 Open-Source Trends to Watch

Open source

… mission-critical workloads by more than 90 percent of IT organizations worldwide. That provides potential opportunities for channel partners around the world.

Gartner's Thomas Murphy

Gartner’s Thomas Murphy

“Open source has been around a long time, and it is woven into every piece of software we have used for years,” said Murphy. “Because developers drive the market, because it creates the best potential for innovation, because software patent law is a mess, because corporations want the best efficiency, it was almost inevitable” for this shift to occur.

SMBs Adopting OSS

Analyst Tirena Dingeldein of Capterra, which focuses on small businesses, said she sees open-source software being used more and more by the channel to help solve the IT problems of customers of all sizes.

Capterra's Tirena Dingeldein

Capterra’s Tirena Dingeldein

“Open-source options are often free, to encourage the collaborative element that naturally increases the functionality of the software,” said Dingeldein. “With the right technical knowledge on an SMB team, they can get an almost custom-made software solution for whatever issue they’re facing.”

Those capabilities and strengths that larger enterprises see in open-source software are just as important to smaller businesses and to the channel partners who work with them.

“Today’s worker wants to collaborate easily, and open-source software allows them to create a solution that directly solves their team’s problems,” she said. “Also, the growing number of SMBs facing budget obstacles leads to the adoption, and subsequent adaptation, of open-source software. SMBs are using flexible open-source tools to fill in service holes that they otherwise can’t afford to solve.”

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