3 Networking Trends to Watch as Working from Home Becomes Permanent



… not used in a properly secure home network environment.

“If I’m a hacker, and I compromised your home network, I can use the VPN to get into corporate network. It can create a real security nightmare,” said Patel.

Further, many organizations might not have VPNs designed to scale.

“VPNs were designed for probably 20% of the population,” he said. “And now 100% are working from home, which taxes the VPN infrastructure. These concentrators are not designed to handle that bump in load, and you have to buy more licenses.”

Not Temporary

These network trends may have shifted with COVID-19, but the pandemic accelerated a broader trend that was already emerging: a workforce that is more distributed.

A recent survey of company leaders by Gartner found that 82% plan to keep employees working from home sometimes. The survey also found that almost half (47%) intend to let employees work at home full-time.

Early into the pandemic, it became evident that there was no clear timeline for many workers’ to return to offices. Numerous companies have told employees that they won’t return to the office until next summer. Many are weighing scenarios where employees split their time between working from home and in the office. Some companies have already reassessed their need to have offices.

For example, late last month, the head of JP Morgan Chase’s investment banking group last week told CNBC it will shutter many of its offices. The bank might also shutter its backup trading floors outside of New York City and London, the executive said.

Another example is Nationwide Insurance, which announced it would eliminate its branch offices and maintain four dispersed campus sites. Employees in the branch offices that are closing will be working from home.

Patel said he will describe various solutions that are helping partners address these scenarios. The session is scheduled for Sept. 8 at 3 p.m. ET.

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