20 Top UCaaS Providers for 2020: The CP List Version 3


Twenty, 20

LogMeIn logoLogMeIn

Arnold and McBain cited LogMeIn as a noteworthy competitor. LogMeIn’s Bold360 Rapid Response FAQ Web Widget helps businesses manage COVID-19-related questions from customers and employees.

“The only way these companies are going to move up the ladder is by consolidating themselves and maybe rolling up some smaller players into something a little bigger,” Arnold said. “But that’s kind of the norm for how any of these markets would go. I don’t foresee any big, big mergers, but what could change would be some new, big players jump into the space who really haven’t been there yet and who still see an opportunity here.”

Metaswitch logoMetaswitch

Arnold cited Metaswitch as a successful provider. With Metaswitch’s MaX portfolio, providers can launch mobile native applications tailored to consumers and business users. Features include network-quality voice, multiple identities and a native dialer user experience for business voice, messaging and collaboration.

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