20 Top UCaaS Providers for 2020: The CP List Version 3


Twenty, 20

Google logoGoogle

Arnold, Babich, Castanon and McBain cited Google as a solid player in UCaaS. Castanon said Google is leveraging its leadership position with AI and building synergies with its productivity suite.

“UCaaS solutions are effective when they meet the changing needs of clients and are easy to use for their employees,” Babich said. “If a system is feature-rich, but too complicated to implement and use, clients will not see the full benefit of the system and the investment made in committing to the platform will not be fully realized.”

Intermedia logo 2020Intermedia

Arnold and McBain cited Intermedia as a successful provider. Intermedia is making its AnyMeeting Pro available to all new users for free through the end of 2020, with full video conferencing features and no meeting time limits.

“A successful provider of UCaaS has built an ecosystem where different partner types can take advantage of downstream opportunities,” McBain said. “Examples include a marketplace where adjacent ISVs and consultants can be found, open APIs where software developers, integration specialists and workflows can be customized, and programs that promote transactional and nontransactional partners with personalized onboarding, incentives, co-selling and co-marketing opportunities.”

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