Verizon Enterprise Launches Its Take on Cloud Marketplaces

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Verizon Enterprise Solutions on Tuesday announced its entry into the cloud marketplace sector, having signed AppDynamics, Hitachi, Juniper Networks, pfSense and Tervela as its first vendors to offer pre-built services through the portal.

Verizon joins a burgeoning market where companies including ComputeNext, SaaSMAX and VAR Dynamics have been active through the channel for some time.

Now, as Verizon joins that fray, the provider is touting itself as a one-stop, self-service shop for software certified to operate in its cloud environments. Available applications pertain to big-data management, security, networking and software development. In addition, Verizon is offering professional consulting services including architecture planning, proof-of-concept, optimization, connectivity, backup and more.

Verizon Cloud Marketplace is available with public cloud and virtual private cloud-reserved performance deployments. There are no-cost and bring-your-own-license pricing models, with metered billing options planned for 2015. First-level support comes from Verizon; tier two support is provided by the cloud marketplace vendors.

Verizon will keep adding suppliers, support options, and billing and pricing models to the marketplace.

Meantime, cloud marketplaces that have been around for a while, and focused on the channel, don’t seem too wary about Verizon joining their turf.

“I don’t see enough information on it to be concerned,” said Tony Francisco, CEO of VAR Dynamics. “I imagine that it is more of a marketplace of applications that are specific function – i.e., not a full-blown CRM service, or other service with back-end customizations. …I imagine that the Verizon Cloud Marketplace is just another marketplace and not a true platform, and it will have a market penetration – specifically on existing customers – but not be a disruptor.”

Dina Moskowitz, CEO of SaaSMAX, agreed. The debut of Verizon Cloud Marketplace provides “another validation that SaaS is proliferating into the enterprise workplace,” she said.

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