iPhone 6 Release Date Might Bring 3-D Surprise

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Much of the talk surrounding Apple‘s $350 million buy of Israel-based Primesense this week has centered around the possibility that the Silicon Valley giant will be able to incorporate the company’s 3-D sensing technology into the oft-rumored-but-never-come-to-fruition iTV.

But don’t assume that it won’t make its way onto your iPhone or iPad; in fact, some who follow the industry closely say you should bet on it perhaps even on the iPhone 6, likely slated for a fall 2014 release date.

Apple's acquisition of PrimeSense could bring 3-D sensing technology to the iPhone.” … the iPhone 6 could be the first mobile phone with true 3D vision giving Apple real, meaningful leadership in handsets,” James McQuivey wrote for AdAge. “I’m not talking about the gesture recognition available in some Samsung phones, but a 3D sensing tool that you could use to snap an image of people, objects or things in motion to assess their size, structure, and even something about their mass.”

Apple has been widely criticized in the past couple of years by those who think its rivals have become more innovative, a claim the company rejected in court last week, saying that’s only a perception due to other companies infringing on its technology patents. Primesense’s technology might put the company back on top in some people’s minds.

The iPhone remains the best-selling smartphone on the planet, but Apple trails Samsung significantly in market share due in part to the fact that the Korean-based giant has so many devices on the market. Apple countered that by releasing two new iPhones this year the flagship 5s and the less-expensive 5c.

PrimeSense’s technology has been used previously by Microsoft in its Kinect gaming device and by a number of companies in other verticals such as health care.

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