Investors Give Aryaka $45 Million For Global SD-WAN Push


Aryaka Networks raised $45 million in its latest round of funding to expand its SD-WAN services globally.

Several investors, led by Third Point Ventures and including Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP), contributed to the Series D round of financing.

Aryaka's Shawn FarshchiAryaka CEO Shawn Farshchi says his was “the first telecommunications company to make a major investment in global SD-WAN.”

“This investment further validates our global SD-WAN technology and sends a signal to the market that Aryaka represents the future of global connectivity,” he said.

Robert Schwartz, managing partner of Third Point Ventures, cites Aryaka’s rapid growth trajectory as a reason for investing. The company says it is growing 100 percent year-over-year over the last five quarters.

“Aryaka is positioned perfectly at the tipping point of an enormous marketplace that is moving away from legacy MPLS technology and looking into next-generation solutions to help connect seamlessly worldwide to business-critical applications,” Schwartz said. “In addition, the management team of Aryaka has built a critical base on which they can execute on the promise of their SD-WAN technology.”

Jack Young, partner and head of venture capital at DTCP, says Aryaka deploys connectivity to end users within days and succeeds where MPLS networks and Internet-based SD-WAN fail.

“Aryaka is a leading SD-WAN provider that addresses the connectivity needs of modern global enterprises as they require fast and stable performance for their mission-critical applications anywhere in the world,” he said.

We spoke to Aryaka a year ago about its attempts to be “100-percent channel.”

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