ShoreTel Gives Partners More Cloud Control

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ShoreTel is offering a new program that allows partners to take ownership of the installation process for ShoreTel Connect CLOUD customers.

PartnerStart allows the partner to become the single point of contact for customer installations, and to remain the central point of contact for the customer. The program was developed with input from ShoreTel partners, “who are always looking for ways to deliver a great experience for customers and differentiate their services,” the company said.

ShoreTel's Heather TenutoHeather Tenuto, ShoreTel’s vice president of global go-to-market strategy and programs, tells Channel Partners that PartnerStart is an additional offering within the company’s existing Champion Partner Program. Previously, the company would handle the entire Connect CLOUD implementation process.

“Our partners wanted to differentiate themselves by becoming more involved in the implementation of cloud services and installation,” she said. “Our partners already have a deep understanding of their own customers, so it made sense for them to extend that relationship by providing an increased level of assistance through the installation phase. PartnerStart allows our partners to provide customer-centric services by controlling the full cloud experience. This increases customer satisfaction while shifting top-line revenue to the partner’s business.”{ad}

Many partners held off on selling cloud services because they felt “cut off” from their customers once the cloud contracts were signed, Tenuto said. PartnerStart removes that barrier.

“Partners can now enjoy a lucrative commission while staying close to the customer, capitalizing on that relationship to sell more products and services,” she said. 

PartnerStart requires partner certification, with the company providing tools and training academies. ShoreTel also assigns a project manager as the partner’s single point of contact for any assistance needed.

“The PartnerStart Program requires that at least one person from the partner company goes through the certification process, during which they will learn the implementation process for ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, enabling them to be the main contact for end customers,” Tenuto said. “The PartnerStart certification is offered to our partners in our ‘Enabled’ tier.”

“Based on the sales process, we have a strong understanding of the customer and a personal relationship with them, so it makes perfect sense to provide them with a higher level of assistance in the installation phase,” said Chris Frey, vice president of operations at Converged Technology Professionals, a ShoreTel Platinum partner. “By being the customer’s primary contact throughout design, discovery, installation and training, we’re able to provide red carpet customer service while bringing in an additional revenue stream.”

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