Reflektion Launches Formal Partner Program

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eCommerce personalization software provider Reflektion Thursday announced the launch of its first formal partner program.

Reflektion's Kurt HeinemannThrough the Reflektion Integrated Partner Program, an expanded network of retailers now has access to a quick launch integration with the company’s eCommerce offerings, which are built around capturing, analyzing and responding to each individual’s preferences and intent in real time as they shop.

eCommerce platforms Demandware, Magento, NetSuite and Mozu are among the first to partner with Reflektion.

Kurt Heinemann, Reflektion’s chief marketing officer, tells Channel Partners the program is an opportunity for the company’s prospects and clients to have “a more turnkey deployment of Reflektion’s unique and powerful approach to personalization.”

“Several of these companies have been partners with us for some time but this is our formalization of the program,” he said. “At the same time, it is great for our partners because they now have the ability to promote Reflektion’s services to their clients as an integral part of their solutions.”{ad}

Reflektion has more than 10 partners that are primarily in three areas: eCommerce hosting platforms, digital agencies and system integrators.

“We expect this number to grow quickly as our impactful email solution launches and we address the growing number of inquiries from partners … ” Heinemann said.

On average, Reflektion’s clients generate a more than 20 percent increase in conversion rates and a 70 percent increase in engagement, according to the company.

“For several partners, there is an integration toolset which makes it even easier to launch Reflektion services,” Heinemann said. “For the agencies and integrators, it is more about their awareness of how our solutions deliver dramatic conversion results and how turnkey our solutions already are.”

Reflektion also has partnered with other eCommerce technology providers, integrators and digital agencies, including Bronto, Kadro, Ardeeka, Born, Oven Bits and roboFirm.

“Partners are always a fantastic accelerator for revenue opportunities,” Heinemann said. “They facilitate awareness, offer validation and obviously provide an even more turnkey, centralized integration opportunity. We see them as a valuable way for us to exceed our growth goals in 2016.”

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