Trending Now: T-Mobile’s Channel Leader, Lumen’s Earnings Report, Momentum’s Acquisition

AT&T cuts

Five giants in the indirect sales channel teamed up to run their own firm.

The launch of EagleTEQ Advisors finished the week as our top story. EagleTEQ brings together the combined experience and wisdom of five friends, who have worked at companies like Vonage, X4 Solutions, Windstream Enterprise and Frontier.

Our editorial team covered other news this week, including Momentum Telecom’s acquisition and T-Mobile’s new channel leader.

Go through the six stories below to see if you missed anything.

6. Lumen Technologies Loses Nearly $2.3 Billion in Q4

Lumen executives discussed the brand’s “midmarket channel” during the company’s latest earnings call.

CenturyLink’s enterprise unit realigned some of its customer accounts, according to chief financial officer Neel Dev. Dev and CEO Jeff Storey outlined Lumen’s fourth quarter financial situation.

Edward Gately has the scoop.

5. New Momentum Telecom Acquisition Expands Products and Services, Footprint

Momentum bought a provider of cloud-based UC solutions.

The addition of Altus Technology expands Momentum’s customer base and enhances its technology portfolio. In addition, both companies’ executives said they operate with a customer-first approach.

Read about the transaction.

4. TBI Taps Decorated Member for West Sales VP Role

The agency promoted one of its top sales people.

Marco Sanchez, who has steadily advanced through the ranks during his past decade at TBI, now leads sales in the West. TBI executives and other peers heaped praised on Sanchez.

Read about the promotion.

3. Why IT Pros Aren’t Happy with Their VPNs

DH2i unveiled a interesting survey that it conducted before the pandemic.

The report touched on the many concerns IT leaders carry regarding their VPNs. For example, many are quite worried that these offerings don’t do enough to prevent unauthorized users from getting to private data. Eighty-six percent of respondents said they felt the inclination to explore different providers.

See some of our takeaways from the study.

2. IoT Veteran Takes Lead of T-Mobile Channel Partner Program

The carrier tapped Pat Watkins to lead its indirect channel sales efforts.

Watkins, a decorated Sprint veteran, serves under James Kirby, senior vice president of the T-Mobile for Business program. Watkins said she wants to drive collaboration between T-Mobile and its partners. In addition, she wants to make T-Mobile more responsive to partner feedback.

Learn about Watkins’ vision.

1. Curt Allen, Ken Bisnoff, Other Channel Heavies Form Consulting Practice

Several heavy hitters founded EagleTEQ Advisors.

Former Vonage and Windstream channel chief Curt Allen and longtime TPx Communications executive Ken Bisnoff joined forces with Steve Braverman, Cardi Prinzi and Mike Cromwell. Together they will provide advice to technology solutions providers, distributors and the investment community.

Their new firm gives companies the opportunity to bring them on as a “fractional channel chief.”

Get details on the new practice.

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